Dappermarkt in Amsterdam after coronavirus announcement
May 27 '20 19:45

A beta version of the government-backed coronavirus tracking app has has been released to the public on Wednesday, with the final product being expected sometime in June, Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge confirmed on Wednesday.

May 9 '20 08:00

The Dutch government appointed a team of experienced developers to create its coronavirus tracking app and hopes to have the first version ready for beta testing by end May, Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health said to parliament. The government also released a timetable to explain the development of the new app.

Apr 30 '20 15:40

More than  half of Netherlands residents are willing to install a coronavirus tracking app on their phone, provided that the app meets all privacy and security requirements, according to a study by Erasmus University in Rotterdam among a representative group of 900 Dutch people, AD reports. 

Coronavirus Covid-19
Apr 24 '20 14:07

At least 48 more people who tested positive for coronavirus were hospitalized in the Netherlands on Thursday, according to data released by public health agency RIVM on Friday. The data showed that 487 hospitalizations took place in the past week, about 52 percent fewer than the 1,010 admissions which occurred the previous week.

Passengers board a Brussels-bound train at Amsterdam Centraal, 9 May 2018
Apr 24 '20 07:30

The government is considering a reservation app to prevent buses, trains and subways from becoming too crowded once the number of travelers and commuters start to pick up again. The app must help ensure that everyone using public transit can keep 1.5 meters apart, NRC reports.

Tweede Kamer
Apr 23 '20 08:18

The lower house of Dutch parliament debated the current state of affairs around the coronavirus with the cabinet on Wednesday. Parliamentarians wanted to know whether more businesses can be opened before the extended "intelligent lockdown" date of May 20th, and called for more than medical experts to be on the government's Outbreak Management Team, NOS and report.

Nasal swab test
Apr 22 '20 19:53

Over three weeks after Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge held a press conference pledging that the Netherlands would conduct about 17,500 coronavirus tests every day, the country has barely been able to reach 40 percent of that target. An investigation into rapid tests, which use a drop of blood to determine if someone was infected with the virus, determined that none of the 16 different products available had the accuracy needed to further expand national testing, De Jonge said in a letter to Parliament.

Hospital OLVG in Amsterdam
Apr 21 '20 09:07

"The Corona Check" app developed by Amsterdam hospital OLVG is available to everyone in the Netherlands from Tuesday. Users can upload what symptoms they have on the app, which will then estimate how likely they are to have Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

Apr 20 '20 12:50

It will be a while yet before the government decides which of seven apps demonstrated at a so-called "appathon" over the weekend will be used to track who coronavirus patients had contact with. Each of the app designs presented on Saturday and Sunday still have flaws that first need to be worked out, Ministry of Public Health official Erik Gerritsen said to RTL Nieuws.

Apr 17 '20 13:32

The Dutch data protection authority AP is currently assessing the design and functioning of seven coronavirus apps. These apps are on the government's shortlist to use in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Over the weekend, the teams behind the seven apps will also participate in an "appathon" - a digital event during which their apps will be tested and evaluated, the Ministry of Health announced. The event can be followed live from here

Apr 14 '20 07:32

A group of 60 scientists wrote a letter to the government to voice concerns about using apps to track and combat the coronavirus, describing the plan as "invasive". "The use of apps should not affect our fundamental rights and freedoms," they said in their letter, RTL Nieuws reports.

Apr 8 '20 08:44

The government wants to track and curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 using special apps to trace who was in contact with a confirmed patient. Parliamentarians from coalition party D66 and opposition party PvdA worry about what this will mean for citizens' privacy.

LUMC coronavirus tracking app COVID Radar
Apr 3 '20 13:00

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) launched an app that collects data about symptoms and human behavior. With this COVID Radar app, the hospital wants to get a good and current picture of how the cronavirus is spreading in the Netherlands.

Users of the app will be asked to answer 15 questions about their health and behavior. A map of the Netherlands will show the answers of other app users in a postcode area. Users will be able to filter this data based on symptoms.

Jan 29 '20 07:26

Dutch football association KNVB and the government are finalizing the measures they are taking to fight racism in football stadiums, and will likely present them next week, newspaper AD reports. Their measures include more cameras and a football app to report abuses, among other things.

Citizens' investigation app Mijn Onderzoek
May 27 '19 11:30

The police and Public Prosecutor are launching an app with which victims can investigate crimes themselves. According to the police, citizens are increasingly taking action themselves if they fall victim to a crime. The authorities are trying to respond to this development, and facilitate people in their investigation, with the app. An experiment with this app will start on June 1st in four police units. The experiment will initially only involve victims of robbery or theft, the police said in a statement.

Police guard in a detention center
May 21 '19 08:08

With the help of a new computer system, the Dutch police managed to track down and detain 585 people who still had to serve a prison sentence in the past seven months. A new app allows police officers to immediately check whether someone they stop still have outstanding penalties against them, and immediately take them into custody if they still have to go to prison, AD reports.

Flooded living room
Feb 1 '19 12:30

Water board Rivierenland launched a new app that shows Netherlands residents exactly how much their home would flood if river- or sea dikes break. Those with the app on their phone can point the camera to his or her living space and see if water would come into their home. If this is the case, the app will show in real time how the water flows into the room and how high it will rise, RTL Nieuws reports.

Apr 10 '18 08:35

NS is launching an experiment with a travel planner app that will help travelers find a seat on a busy train. The app, called zitplaatszoeker, shows with the colors green, yellow, or orange how likely you are to find a seat on which cart of the train, RTL Nieuws reports.

The experiment starts on the route between Arnhem and Den Bosch. NS deliberately chose this route because "it often happens that passengers have to stand on one side of the train, while there are still seats on the other side". 

Camp Castor near Gao in Mali, where Dutch soldiers are on mission
Jan 29 '18 11:00

When popular fitness app Strava released its Global Heatmap, showing the activities of a billion cyclists and joggers around the world, late last year, the company likely didn't realize that it may also be revealing the location or patrol routes of military or strategic bases. For example, the Global Heatmap shows popular routes walked around a camp in Gao in Mali, where Dutch soldiers are on mission, AD reports.

Jan 11 '18 15:51

People in the Netherlands who want a way of recording their sexual partners' explicit consent to various sex acts can now utilize a new blockchain-based app called LegalFling. Launched by Amsterdam software development firm LegalThings on Thursday, the app requests and records explicit mutual consent to sexual contact between different users.

The Python roller coaster at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel
Aug 28 '17 12:20

Efteling is launching an experiment in which visitors can book their spot on a roller coaster for a specific time, without paying extra to do so. The amusement park hopes that this will make sure that visitors don't spend too much time waiting in line. "Waiting is the least favorite part of a day at Efteling, this may be the solution", the Kaatsheuvel park said, according to RTL Nieuws.

Jul 3 '17 08:49

Dutch rail company NS is working on an expansion for its Travel Planner-app that will tell train passengers where to find empty seats in crowded trains, a spokesperson for NS said to AD. The company hopes that this function will be available from next year.

This idea was thought up by two NS analysts for an internal competition. They proposed using existing sensors, currently used to measure the weight of freight trains, for measuring the weight of passenger trains.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Jun 8 '16 12:00

NS launched a new version of their app NS Reisplanner Xtra, which gives travelers the option of buying digital train tickets

Jan 12 '16 09:59

Transport company Trandev launched a new taxi service Abel in Amsterdam on Tuesday. Abel is intended to be competition for taxi startup Uber and claims to be half as cheap, because customers can share the taxi with other passengers heading in the same direction


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