animal neglect

Five skunks and 49 cats rescued from a home in Nieuwkoop, 28 February 2020
Mar 6 '20 08:54

The police and national animal protection inspectorate LID rescued 49 cats and five skunks from a home in Nieuwkoop last week. The animals were poorly cared for and lived in very dirty surroundings, LID said in a statement, calling it "a serious form of animal neglect". 

Malinois Shepherd found caged and abandoned at a carpool spot on Zandveldseweg in Nieuwegein, 21 July 2019
Jul 23 '19 14:40

A Malinois Shepherd was found caged and abandoned at a carpool spot on Zandveldseweg in Nieuwegein on Sunday. The police posted photos of the dog on Facebook, in the hopes that the public can help them find her owner.

Little is known about the dog. All the police can say is that she is a female. "Her age is estimated at around 2 years old, she isn't chipped", the police said to RTL Nieuws. 

The dog was taken in by the local animal ambulance and she is in "good hands" the police said.

Beagle dog
Jul 2 '19 07:29

The National Animal Protection Inspectorate took 44 dogs from a filthy home in Noord-Holland. The resident was not able to take good care of the animals, according to the animal welfare organization. The dogs were very neglected and the house was covered in urine and dog poop, ANP reports.

The animals had inflamed ears, bad teeth, and coats with lots of tangles. Some of them were also underweight. They were taken to a shelter to receive the necessary care.

no image
Apr 26 '13 08:23

The animal authorities arrested two women from Rotterdam on Thursday on suspicion of neglecting 29 horses. This was announced by the police.

On April 11, the police and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) investigated a site at the Ziedewijdsekade in Barendrecht (Zuid Holland) where the horses were kept. It was suspected that the animals were malnourished and poorly housed. A stall on the property had room only for five horses.

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