Six more suspects arrested in Taghi investigation

Ridouan Taghi
Ridouan TaghiPhoto: Politie

In the investigation into the criminal organization allegedly run by Ridouan Taghi, who was arrested in Dubai on Monday, the Dutch police raided eight homes and arrested six people on Tuesday night. The suspects are five men and a woman between the ages of 29 and 45 years, the police said on Wednesday.

Raids were conducted in Amsterdam, Huis ter Heide, Utrecht and Vianen. According to AD, relatives of Taghi live in a raided apartment on Vijfheerenlanden in Vianen. According to Het Parool, Taghi's sister Nora is the woman arrested.

The detainees are suspected of money laundering, illegal weapons possession, and drug possession, among other things. They are all in custody for questioning.

Taghi was arrested quietly in an apartment in Dubai on Monday, the Dutch authorities said on Tuesday. The Netherlands will request the extradition of the suspected crime boss. While the Netherlands has no official extradition treaty with Dubai, the Dutch authorities are confident that Taghi's extradition will go well, said Fred Westerbeke, head of the Public Prosecution Service.  

Taghi was wanted for ordering multiple murders and assassination attempts. He and the organization he allegedly runs were tied to nine assassinations, and several failed murders or canceled attacks. He was implicated by the prosecutions key witness Nabil B., whose attorney, Derk Wiersum, was murdered at his home in Amsterdam this past September. The Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands was also building a case connecting Taghi to motorcycle gang Caloh Wagoh, which may have committed assassinations at Taghi's behest.