money laundering

Jun 1 '20 15:10

A police officer was arrested on Monday morning on suspicion of "committing crimes, including money laundering and the possession of narcotics", the police said in a statement. The officer is also suspected of serious dereliction of duty. 

The suspected officer worked in the Noord-Nederland unit. In addition to being arrested, the officer was also suspended. The investigation against them is ongoing.

"The police are not making any further announcements at this time."

Man arrested in Rotterdam with €525 thousand in a shopping bag, 27 May 2020
May 29 '20 17:30

A 51-year-old Brazilian man was arrested in Rotterdam on Wednesday after he was found to be carrying 525 thousand euros in a large shopping bag. He was taken into custody on charges of money laundering, police said on Friday.

Acting on a tip, police went to the area around the Argonautenweg in the city’s 110-Morgen neighborhood. That’s where they saw the suspect getting into a car with the large shopping bag.

“Then the man was stopped in his car, and the big shopper appeared to be full of money,” police said in a statement. The money was counted and taken into evidence.

Bundles of cash: Part of a 2.4 million euro find inside a home in Amsterdam Oost
May 26 '20 15:48

A search of a home in Amsterdam Oost led to the discovery of 2.4 million euros in cash. The Zeeburgereiland home was raided last week as part of a money laundering investigation, police said.

It started on Friday evening when police officers stopped a car on IJburglaan and detained a suspect in their case. The 29-year-old Amsterdam man was taken into custody.

Officers then were given permission by the prosecutor’s office later that night to search the home on Eef Kamerbeekstraat. The connection between the suspect and the home was not revealed to the public.

Lady Justice
May 6 '20 17:25

Two men were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly defrauding customers of more than 80 thousand euros by claiming to sell mouth masks that did not exist, financial crimes inspectorate FIOD confirmed. The suspects, a 51-year-old from Schiedam and a 26-year-old from the Hague, had allegedly been posing as mask suppliers selling their wares online.

12.6 million in cash found in a money laundering investigation in Eindhoven. May 1, 2020
May 6 '20 13:43

When police and prosecutors raided a house in Eindhoven as part of a money laundering investigation, they discovered a massive 12.6 million euros in cash, the most ever found in a single place during a criminal investigation. The record sum was kept in a hidden room inside the house, and included paper bills with all denominations up to 500 euro notes.

It also had a considerable weight, police said. The combined total of 12.580 million euros weighed approximately 255 kilograms.

Lady Justice
May 4 '20 19:13

An appellate court in Den Bosch affirmed the conviction of former policeman Mark M., and re-sentenced him to five years behind bars on Monday for his role in money laundering and leaking out confidential information about police investigations between 2011 and 2015. The man was found to have regularly scoured through police systems to find information about individuals involved in ongoing investigations, which he would then leak out to those involved.

€800,000 cash and 10 kilos cocaine found in a delivery van pulled over on Vekenoord in Breda, 1 May 2020
May 1 '20 15:10

The police discovered 10 kilograms of cocaine and around 800 thousand euros in cash in a hidden compartment while checking a delivery van in Breda on Friday. Three men were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and money laundering, the police said in a statement.

A portion of nearly a million euros in cash and luxury clothing found in an Amsterdam money laundering investigation. April 16, 2020
Apr 18 '20 16:03

Nearly a million euros in cash and designer clothing was seized by police last week in a money laundering investigation that led to the arrests of three men. Two of the men were taken into custody at gunpoint in an Amsterdam parking garage, police said.

Apr 6 '20 16:15

The FIOD, the Tax Authority's investigative department, arrested two men on Monday on suspicion of stealing 900 thousand euros in a scam involving medical masks. The 51-year-old man from Oldenzaal and a 61-year-old man from Amersfoort posed as suppliers of protective equipment and "sold" 11 million nonexistent medical masks to two buyers, FIOD said in a statement.

Mar 14 '20 08:00

Two airline passengers were arrested separately at Schiphol Airport this month carrying a combined total of about 275 thousand euros in cash. Both men were caught at airport security checkpoints, and neither had a valid reason for holding the money, authorities said.

The first suspect is a 38-year-old Ukranian man who was found with 195 thousand dollars (€174,600) in a plastic bag inside his backpack. He was destined for Ecuador, but was taken into custody on March 1, said the Marechausseee, the military branch tasked with protecting Dutch borders and airports.

Mar 4 '20 08:44

A 55-year-old man from Abcoude, Utrecht was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of money laundering. The man is suspected of laundering millions of euros while working as an "illegal banker" for criminals, the Tax Authority's investigative department FIOD announced on Wednesday.

Money laundering
Feb 25 '20 11:50

The number of money laundering cases that ended up in court last year increased by a quarter to 1,499 last year. Sentences were imposed in 997 of those cases, an increase of 22 percent compared to 2018, BNR reports based on figures from the Council of Judiciary.

Feb 18 '20 17:40

The police arrested a 45-year-old customs officer at home in Rotterdam early on Tuesday morning. She is suspected of corruption and money laundering, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said in a statement.

The police previously searched the customs officer's home and seized administration, money, and data carriers. Whether information from these data carriers and administration led to her arrest, the OM did not say.

The woman was suspended by her employer a short time before her arrest, the OM said.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency and euros
Feb 18 '20 16:00

The Tax Authority's investigative department FIOD arrested two men in separate investigations into money laundering using cryptocurrency. Roughly a half-million euros in cryptocurrency, fiat cash, and gold was seized in the two cases, the tax investigation agency FIOD said on Tuesday. 

The suspects, both arrested on Monday, mainly used bitcoin, but other digital currencies were also used, AD reports based on information from the Public Prosecution Service.

ABN Amro logo on a building in Rotterdam
Feb 12 '20 15:10

ABN Amro currently has over 2 thousand full time jobs dedicated to the detection of financial crimes like money laundering, CEO Kees van Dijkhuizen said when revealing the bank's quarterly figures. In the fourth quarter of 2019, ABN Amro made 316 million euros in net profit. For all of 2019, the bank's profits amounted to over 2 billion euros.

Money laundering
Feb 10 '20 17:50

The Netherlands' authorities do not have the capacity to deal with the large number of suspicious transactions that tax advisers, banks and other financial services are obliged to report to them, the Dutch association of tax advisers NOB and the register of tax advisers RB said to newspaper Trouw.

Lady Justice in Netherlands
Jan 16 '20 09:19

After spending years in prison in Thailand, Dutch coffeeshop owner Johan van Laarhoven is on a plane back to the Netherlands. The plane has left Thai airspace and is expected to land at Schiphol Airport on Thursday evening, Van Laarhoven's family confirmed to

"We are incredibly happy with Johan's return," his brother Frans van Laarhoven said to the newspaper. "My family and I can't wait to have him back in our midst."

Rotterdam money laundering arrest
Dec 25 '19 15:30

Police investigating an aggressive man on the streets of central Rotterdam led to the accidental discovery of thousands of euros in loose cash. The suspect was trying to cover something up when he was taken into custody, and the pile of money plopped out of his clothes, police said.

Officers monitoring a security camera saw a man with a bottle of liquor trying to pick a fight with anyone who walked past him. When police arrived on scene the man took off running, but was found soon after hiding under a delivery van.

Ridouan Taghi
Dec 17 '19 11:47

In the investigation into the criminal organization allegedly run by Ridouan Taghi, who was arrested in Dubai on Monday, the Dutch police raided eight homes and arrested six people on Tuesday night. The suspects are five men and a woman between the ages of 29 and 45 years, the police said on Wednesday.

Koninklijke Marechaussee
Dec 12 '19 13:30

A 30-year-old man from Albania was arrested at Schiphol on December 8th on suspicion of money laundering after his cash-filled suitcase burst open at the airport, the Koninklijke Marechaussee reported on Wednesday after the man's arraignment.

Money laundering
Nov 29 '19 11:10

Four banks teamed up with the Dutch government and authorities to fight against financial service providers who launder money for criminals, Financieele Dagblad reported on Friday based on information from an anonymous source.

According to FD, ABN Amro, ING, Rabobank and Volksbank signed a covenant with the National Police, the FIOD, the Public Prosecution Service, and financial intelligence unit FIU. This "serious crime task force" will focus on upper world lackeys who facilitate undermining crime. 

Nov 22 '19 10:12

Dutch central bank DNB penalized Rabobank last year due to money laundering risk. The bank has not yet sufficiently screened 40 thousand of its customers. The bank confirmed this penalty payment, saying that it mentioned it in reports, NOS reports.

ABN Amro logo on a building in Rotterdam
Nov 21 '19 11:00

When merging with Fortis in 2010, ABN Amro failed to screen the over 5 million Fortis customers individually, according to NRC. All 5 million of them were automatically labeled as "reliable" - the lowest risk category - meaning that ABN Amro considers them relatively harmless and unlikely to commit financial crimes, according to the newspaper.

Money laundering
Nov 13 '19 09:10

Every year around 13 billion euros of criminal money is laundered in the Netherlands, according to a study by Brigitte Unger, Professor of Economics at Utrecht University. Laundered criminal money accounts for around 1.6 percent of the Dutch economy, she concluded,Financieele Dagblad reports.

The majority of this laundered criminal money comes from the Netherlands itself. Criminals earn around 16 billion euros in the Netherlands through their criminal practices per year. About half of that amount is also laundered in the Netherlands.


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