An area cordoned off by police
May 22 '20 18:50

Two men and two women were arrested last week in connection with the February kidnapping of a 65-year-old Rotterdam woman. All four suspects were remanded into custody, police said on Friday, while prosecutors and officers press ahead with their investigation.

The alleged kidnapping took place on the Eliotplaats in Rotterdam on February 9 when the woman was taken in a van and held captive. “On February 11, a ransom was paid and the kidnappers released the woman on a public road in Zaandam,” police stated.

Sep 21 '17 14:50

The court in Amsterdam sentenced 28-year-old Milco G. from Purmerend to 18 years in prison for bombing a houseboat in Wormer in 2015. This was the appeal of this case. The Public Prosecutor demanded 24 years in prison against G., RTL Nieuws reports.

Lady Justice
Apr 19 '16 11:45

The Public Prosecutor is calling on the justice system to add institutionalized psychiatric treatment to the prison sentence of a man convicted of killing one person by blowing up a houseboat. A court sentenced Milco G., 27, to .sentenced to 17 years for the bombing in Wormer last year that also severely injured one.

Lady Justice
Apr 8 '16 14:45

Milco G. was sentenced to 17 years in prison for causing a houseboat explosion in Wormer last year. A 53 year old man was killed and a woman was seriously injured.

Mar 25 '16 15:05

Milco G., the man responsible for the fatal houseboat explosion in Wormer last year, never meant to kill anyone, the 27 year old man from Purmerend said at the start of his trial in the court of Alkmaar on Friday

Jul 30 '15 13:01

The explosion that killed one man in Wormer earlier this year happened on the wrong houseboat. The man believed to be the perpetrator of the attack - 26 year old Milo G. - actually wanted to take revenge on another man.

May 1 '15 15:49

The police arrested a 26 year old man from Purmerend on Thursday on suspicion of involvement in the explosion on a houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer on April 13th.

Apr 14 '15 11:24

Neighbors of the houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer on which there was an explosion on Monday morning, are stunned by what happened.

Apr 13 '15 14:17

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal set of a second "controlled" explosion on the houseboat in Wormer on which an explosion happened around 04:00 on Monday morning, Noordhollands Dagblad reports based on sources close to the investigation.

Apr 13 '15 09:12

There was an explosion in a houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer around 04:00 on Monday morning. One man was killed in the explosion, a woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition, the police reports on Twitter.

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