Utrecht court

May 9 '17 08:29

After numerous delays, the trial against tennis coach Mark de J. for the murder of business man Koen Everink started in the court in Utrecht on Monday. Several details about the business man's murder were revealed in court, including that De J. googled a number of suspicious terms on his iPad before the murder.

Lady Justice
May 3 '17 08:14

A 14-year-old girl was threatened, stabbed, assaulted and humiliated near Utrecht Central Station in January. Two other girls, aged 15 and 17 years from Deleen and Utrecht, appeared in court for the first time on Tuesday as the suspected perpetrators of this abuse, AD reports.

Sep 15 '16 12:50

The court in Utrecht convicted Michel van L. from Vianen of sexually abusing children and making and distributing child pornography. He was sentenced to four years in prison and institutionalized psychiatric treatment

Aug 29 '16 15:00

Amsterdam man Neil van der L. was driving an estimated 237 kilometers per hour when he crashed into another car on the A2 highway near Maarssen on December 30th last year, was revealed in the court in Utrecht on Monday

Jul 29 '16 12:10

The municipality of Nieuwegein will not be allowed to experiment with serving alcohol in hairdressers, or other versions of service-bar hybrids, the court in Utrecht ruled on Thursday. The lawsuit to stop this experiment was filed by the Slijtersunie.

Jun 27 '16 15:40

Tennis coach Mark de J., suspected of murdering businessman Koen Everink, claims that he is innocent in a brief statement he gave the court in Utrecht during a pre-trial hearing on Monday

Jun 27 '16 10:33

Tennis coach Mark de J. is appearing in court for the first time today regarding the murder of business man Koen Everink. The Public Prosecutor is charging De J. with murder or manslaughter. This pre-trial hearing in the court in Utrecht will focus on whether or not the tennis coach will remain in custody

Lady Justice
Feb 11 '16 14:20

Fifteen of the 18 men suspected if storming the asylum center in Woerden in October last year, were sentenced to community service by the court in Utrecht on Wednesday, according to reporter Marco Gerling tweeting live from within the courtroom.

Jan 27 '16 15:45

The suspects who stormed the asylum center in Woerden in October last year, coordinated the attack using a WhatsApp group, the Public Prosecutor revealed in the court in Utrecht on Wednesday. Eighteen suspects are appearing in court, three at a time, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Jan 18 '16 15:30

The case against the so-called Utrecht serial rapist Gerard T. is appearing in the court in Utrecht on Monday and Tuesday. He is suspected of at least four rapes in and around the city. A number of gruesome details about how he attacked his victims were revealed during the hearing on Monday, according to AD reporter Ivar Penris, tweeting live from within the court room.

Jul 2 '15 13:36

The court in Utrecht sentenced Dirk M., the man who attempted to extort the De Mol family for more than a year, to 441 days in prison, of which 300 days are suspended. He will therefore not have to spend any more time in prison as the 141 days left in his sentence is equal to the time he spent in custody.

Lady Justice
Apr 14 '15 11:59

In 2013 the Utrecht police deliberately placed a "bait bicycle" in Nieuwegein to provoke the suspected serial rapist to steal it. This was done to obtain a DNA sample from the suspect.

Prison Cells
Apr 10 '15 10:11

A prison guard working at the prison in Nieuwegein has been suspended because of a sexual affair with one of the prisoners, AD reports.

Mar 3 '15 14:01

The 70 year old Dirk Klaas M., who is suspected of blackmailing John de Mol and threatening Linda de Mol and her family, appeared at the first public hearing at the court in Utrecht today.

Lady Justice
Feb 25 '15 07:44

Eduard M., the so-called serial sex offender, has been sentenced to six years in prison by the court in Utrecht, Het Parool reports.

no image
Feb 18 '14 14:16

A Judge in Utrecht has sentenced a man to nine years in prison this morning for taking part in a wild-west robbery of a Rabo Bank branch in 2011.

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