No jail for 15 Dutch men convicted in violent asylum center raid

Fifteen of the 18 men suspected if storming the asylum center in Woerden in October last year, were sentenced to community service by the court in Utrecht on Wednesday, according to reporter Marco Gerling tweeting live from within the courtroom.

Eight men were convicted of public violence and sentenced to 120 hours of community service. They also have to pay 2 thousand euros in compensation to a security guard.

Against the remaining suspects, there was not enough evidence to prove public violence. Seven of them convicted of illegal gathering and sentenced to 40 hours of community service. The rest were acquitted.

The Public Prosecutor demanded prison sentences of 1 month and 180 hours of community service against the suspects. All suspects are in their 20's, except for one who is 35. They come from Monfoort, Harmelen, Schoonhoven and Utrecht.

The attack happened on October 9th. A group of masked men stormed the asylum center, located in the Snellerpoort gymnasium, shouting at the asylum seekers inside to “fuck off”. They also bombarded the shelter with eggs and fireworks and broke down the fencing surrounding the shelter. About 150 asylum seekers lived in the shelter at the time, including 50 children.