Police officer and paramedic
Oct 4 '17 13:30

The police finished their investigation into an incident in which a 45-year-old man crashed his car into seven pedestrians on Stationplein at Amsterdam Central Station in June and concluded that it was an accident. There is no evidence that suggests the man deliberately crashed his car into the pedestrians. The police regret that so much suspicion and doubt arose after the incident, the municipality of Amsterdam wrote in a letter, AD reports.

Oct 3 '17 08:13

The police fired a warning shot on Stationplein in front of Amsterdam Central Station while arresting two men after a report of firearm possession on Monday afternoon, AD reports.

The police received the report around 4:30 p.m. It said that two men were seen at the station with a firearm. Two suspects, aged 21 and 48 years, were arrested after a warning shot was fired. No firearm was found on them, but they were still in custody on Monday night, according to the newspaper.

Jun 12 '17 08:03

The man that crashed into a group of pedestrians in front of Amsterdam Central Station on Saturday night, almost certainly did not do so intentionally, the police said on Twitter on Sunday night. The police came to this conclusion after searching the man's home. Two of the eight victims were still in hospital at the time of the police update.

Jun 6 '16 12:50

The very popular memorial Stairway on Stationplein in Rotterdam served as a catwalk for six lingerie models on Sunday night

May 27 '16 16:30

A massive 100 thousand people climbed The Stairway on Stationplein in Rotterdam since mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb opened it a week and a half ago,

May 16 '16 10:54

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb is opening The Stairway on Stationplein on Monday. The Stairway is a 29 meter high scaffolding installation containing 180 steps that lead to the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw, which was turned into a temporary lookout.

Dec 28 '15 09:18

Syrian asylum seeker Muhssen Alwais rescued a man out the water near Stationplein in Amsterdam on Christmas day. "I am so grateful to this country, it was the least I could do", he said to officers after the rescue

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