Mar 2 '20 10:50

A fire broke out in a building occupied by squatters in Rotterdam on Sunday night. Three people sustained injuries - they were taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, Rijnmond Veilig said on Twitter.

One of the tree injured is a child, bystanders told broadcaster NOS.

The fire started in the basement of the building on Roosstraat for as yet unknown reasons. The building's residents discovered the fire, went outside and alerted emergency services. 

Dutch firefighters
Jan 17 '19 07:33

Two people may be missing after a large fire in a building in Hillegom where squatters live on Thursday morning. It is unclear whether the two persons are inside the burning building, or elsewhere, according to the fire department, NU.nl reports.

Surrounding homes were evacuated. A total of three buildings on Stationsweg are on fire, a spokesperson for the Hollands Midden fire brigade said to the newspaper ."The flames came from the first floor and the attic. The roof collapsed completely." The fire is now under control.

new police uniform 1
Oct 4 '18 10:20

An employee of a parking manager at Schiphol was arrested with his girlfriend in Gorredijk, Friesland. They were caught using the home of people who were on vacation and had left their car with the parking manager. The residents of the home had no idea, Omrop Fryslan reports.

According to the broadcaster, an observant neighbor noticed the lights on in his neighbors' home, which he was watching while they are on vacation. There was also a strange car in the driveway. He knocked on the door and a strange man opened. The man told him that he had permission to stay there.

A building on Jan Luijkenstraat in Amsterdam
Jul 2 '18 15:30

A group of six young Amsterdam residents moved into a part of a monumental building on Jan Luijkenstraat on Sunday afternoon. The squatters believe that the owner of the building wants to open a hotel there, and they "don't want that to happen", their spokesperson said to AT5.

We Are Here
Jun 4 '18 09:04

A number of members of We Are Here, a group of failed asylum seekers who have been squatting in Amsterdam buildings for years, tried to squat in a building on Hoog Kadijk in Amsterdam city center on Sunday afternoon. There were already people in the building, so the asylum seekers left, Het Parool reports.

May 21 '18 12:00

The police fired shots while raiding a squatted building in the Oude Noorden district of Rotterdam during the early hours of Monday morning. One man was shot in the leg by the police and arrested, NOS reports.

Police officers raided the squatted building on Bergweg based on a report of firearm use in or around the building.

At the scene officers saw a man leaving the building and ordered him to stop. But when the man saw the cops, he ran off. Warning shots did not make him stop, and the police eventually shot him in the leg. He was arrested.

We Are Here
Apr 27 '18 12:30

We Are Here, a group of failed asylum seekers in Amsterdam, can stay in the buildings they squatted on Rudolf Dieselstraat until June 1st. Until then, they will not be evicted, the court ruled on Thursday, NOS reports.

The group of around 60 failed asylum seekers squatted the buildings over Easter. The buildings, belonging to housing association Ymere, are set to be demolished. The Public Prosecutor gave the group eight weeks to leave. 

We Are Here
Apr 13 '18 14:50

We Are Here, a group of failed asylum seekers in Amsterdam that squatted a number of buildings in Oost, wants a court to decide whether they will be evicted. The case will appear in court on April 26th, interim mayor Jozias van Aartsen said in a debate with the city council, NU.nl reports.

Some 30 failed asylum seekers under We Are Here occupy an empty office building on Reigersbos in Amsterdam Zuidoost, 27 Nov 2016
Apr 4 '18 13:10

We Are Here, a group of failed asylum seekers, squatted 11 homes and a shop on Rudolf Dieselstraat in Amsterdam Oost over Easter weekend. The group renamed the location 'We Are Here Village' and hope to turn it into a space that can also offer shelter to women and children living on the streets, Het Parool reports.

The vacant homes and shop belong to housing corporation Ymere, which intends to demolish the buildings to make way for new apartment buildings. The project was delayed in 2015 and construction is now set to start sometime this year. 

Diederik Boomsma
Jan 23 '18 11:40

Amsterdam city councilor Diederik Boomsma (CDA) received a death threat shortly after the city council discussed squatters that have been living on the ADM site in the city for decades. He reported the death threat to the police, the Telegraaf reports.

The police refused to comment to the newspaper about the threat. Boomsma confirmed that he was threatened and reported it to the police, but would not say anything further.

Squatters taunt police
Mar 27 '15 16:18

Six of the squatters who demonstrated against the development of the Spuistraat were still in custody on Friday as questions about their identity, nationality and residency status lingered. The six are now being investigated by immigration investigators to determine their backgrounds, police said Friday.

Spuistraat Amsterdam police photo 2
Mar 26 '15 17:23

Police in Amsterdam still had eight people in custody late Thursday afternoon as a result of arrests made at the squatter protest and eviction Wednesday in Amsterdam Centrum. Officers arrested 19 people in total for public violence, vandalism, disturbing the peace and failure to comply with official orders.

no image
Mar 11 '15 16:40

Squatters threw paint-filled glass projectiles at police officers and a police car from a squatted Amsterdam building on Wednesday morning. The paint-bombs could have seriously injured the officers, says the municipality.

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