Squatters can stay in Amsterdam buildings till June: court

We Are Here, a group of failed asylum seekers in Amsterdam, can stay in the buildings they squatted on Rudolf Dieselstraat until June 1st. Until then, they will not be evicted, the court ruled on Thursday, NOS reports.

The group of around 60 failed asylum seekers squatted the buildings over Easter. The buildings, belonging to housing association Ymere, are set to be demolished. The Public Prosecutor gave the group eight weeks to leave. 

The court now gave the asylum seekers until June 1st. "Under the condition that no one gets it into their head to prevent Ymere from rooting up trees or doing soil research", the judge added. "If the squatters do that, they have to get out immediately."

Ymere wanted to rent the houses out for a few more months, before they are demolished after the summer. New social housing will be built on the site.