Six Amsterdam squatters remain in custody

Squatters taunt police
Squatters taunting police atop the Tabakpanden. March 25, 2015 (photo: Zack Newmark / NL Times)Squatters taunting police atop the Tabakpanden. March 25, 2015 (photo: Zack Newmark / NL Times)

Six of the squatters who demonstrated against the development of the Spuistraat were still in custody on Friday as questions about their identity, nationality and residency status lingered. The six are now being investigated by immigration investigators to determine their backgrounds, police said Friday.

Nineteen people were arrested on Wednesday after tearing up the bricks on Spuistraat, setting wooden pallets on fire and throwing fireworks, flares, paint and glass at responding police officers and journalists. The charges include battery, vandalism, disturbing the peace and non-compliance with police orders.

Eight were still held on Thursday, and they were expected to be released that night.

Though much of the historically-squatted Tabakspanden was cleared last Friday, a new group of squatters took over the buildings just after midnight on Wednesday. Police entered the buildings around 1 p.m. after tearing open several front doors in an eviction process that lasted about six hours. Officers used the rooftops, side entrances and front entrances too storm the facilities.

There were no injuries reported from the events on Wednesday.