Squatters paint-bomb Amsterdam police

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Squatters threw paint-filled glass projectiles at police officers and a police car from a squatted Amsterdam building on Wednesday morning. The paint-bombs could have seriously injured the officers, says the municipality. 

The incident began when a police car driving along Spuistraat was pelted with paint, reports the municipality of Amsterdam. When officers tried to identify where the paint was thrown from, they were assaulted with paint-filled glass jars and light bulbs.

Police traced the source to a building that is part of a complex known as the Tabakspanden. Living among its dozens of apartments are squatters, who have occupied the premises since 1983.

Housing corporation De Key has had all the necessary permits to renovate the complex since February 2014. The company plans to start construction immediately after the properties are vacated.

Judges have ruled that the building's squatters as well as residents with permission to live there must leave before the end of March.

The mayor of Amsterdam, the Public Prosecutor and the police stated it is unacceptable for officers to be assaulted while on duty. To prevent future offenses of this nature, the premises identified as the source of the assault will be emptied straight away. The police have prepared for large-scale operations.

The Tabakspanden complex is located across the street from the Bungehuis, the University of Amsterdam building that students occupied last month.