Jul 1 '15 13:59

The Rotterdam police have launched an investigation into the delivery of parcels containing drugs to seemingly random addresses in the Zuid-Holland area Voorne-Putten.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
May 29 '15 15:40

A man was forced to perform sexual acts with another man in the Park Waterland in Spijkenisse on the morning of May 13th. The police are looking for witnesses.

Nov 19 '14 09:11

On Wednesday 415,124 voters in 16 municipalities cast their vote in the municipal elections.

Police sign
Sep 26 '14 10:59

In Simonshaven, a man was arrested at around 10 p.m. after reportedly attempting to drive his car into a police officer. The officer was forced to shoot the suspect's car in order to get the situation under control.

No image available
Sep 3 '14 08:25

A family in Spijkenisse has been blacklisted by the Food Bank for helping out people whose needs were larger than its own.

Nov 1 '13 00:04

Defense staff found an underground space in a forest in the South Holland Simonshaven. Wednesday and Thursday, they were combing through the woods, looking for possible hide-outs of murder suspect Patrick S., reported the police.

Oct 15 '13 00:04

The residents of Voorne-Putten are very annoyed by the traffic jams in the area. Cars must detour because of construction on the Hartelbrug in Spijkenisse, resulting in crowded roads.


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