scooter ban

Ferry boat approaching Amsterdam Central Station, 30 March 2017
Jan 2 '18 15:04

As of Monday, smoking is prohibited on the seven GVB ferry lines operating in Amsterdam. The decision was handed down by the municipality of Amsterdam, and the public transit firm GVB was set to adjust its regulations and passenger announcements.

Until the end of 2017, smoking was allowed only on the rear portion of the ferry boats which often created confusion. On top of that, due to frequent crowding, non smokers can not always choose to place themselves in the non smoking sections.

Tunnel under the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
Jul 7 '17 11:45

Amsterdam-Zuid took extra measures to remove all doubts about the fact that no scooters are allowed in the passage under the Rijksmuseum. These include more and clearer signage and fines, Het Parool reports.

Sep 14 '16 10:38

The Amsterdam faction of the D66 wants to ban scooters with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, so-called "snorfietsen" in the Netherlands, completely, D66 councilor in Amsterdam Jan-Bert Vroege said in an interview with Het Parool.

Beer Bike (Source: Wikimedia/PPyland)
Dec 16 '15 08:44

The Amsterdam Mayor and Aldermen submitted a proposal to the city council to ban beer bikes from the city center. Sustainability alderman Abdeluheb Choho also plans to create an environmental zone in the city center banning polluting scooters.

Jul 3 '15 15:35

Mayor Jozias van Aartsen of The Hague feels that the measures to prevent riots implemented in Schilderswijk on Thursday worked well last night.

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