Smoking barred on Amsterdam ferries; New scooter restrictions take effect

Ferry boat approaching Amsterdam Central Station, 30 March 2017
Ferry boat approaching Amsterdam Central Station, 30 March 2017Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

As of Monday, smoking is prohibited on the seven GVB ferry lines operating in Amsterdam. The decision was handed down by the municipality of Amsterdam, and the public transit firm GVB was set to adjust its regulations and passenger announcements.

Until the end of 2017, smoking was allowed only on the rear portion of the ferry boats which often created confusion. On top of that, due to frequent crowding, non smokers can not always choose to place themselves in the non smoking sections.

Amsterdam’s ferries provide essential, free connections across the River IJ for pedestrians, cyclists and mopeds riders. These blue-and-white ferries can be found on main city land directly behind Amsterdam Central Station, further towards the western harbor, east just past the station, and in Amsterdam Oost at Azartplein. They provide frequent and free service across the water to and from Amsterdam Noord.

Another traffic rule that will come into effect in 2018 involves motor scooters and mopeds being driven in, from and to Amsterdam. New measures are intended to counter both pollution and a high accident rate, and include a ban on scooters and mopeds built pre-2011 meant to cut down on pollution. In addition, bike riders will no longer have to jockey for position with most motorized vehicles. Motor scooters and mopeds will no longer be allowed on bike paths.