Mar 8 '19 08:07

Four hikers were caught by the rising tide off the coast of the Zeeland village o Renesse on Thursday. A 45-year-old woman from Vilvoorde, Belgium, drowned. Her two children aged 17 and 8, and a 23-year-old woman from Renesse were injured, NOS reports.

The Dutch woman and her three dogs, and the Belgian woman and her son and daughter were walking on Verklikkerstrand when they got stuck on a sandbank by the rising tide. According to the police, they did not know each other. 

Aug 15 '16 15:00

A 48-year-old man was arrested on Hogezoom in Renesse on Saturday after he threatened a police officer with death, the police said in a statement. The man did not agree with the traffic fine his girlfriend received for driving on a closed road.

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May 27 '16 13:30

A 58 year old resident of a Gelderland town was arrested on a campsite in Renesse on Thursday evening after he was caught taking pictures of a young woman in a shower.

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Apr 20 '15 13:04

Police say they have arrested 15 out of a group of 78 Germans who fought back when officers stopped them from physically assaulting someone in Renesse on Sunday April 12. Two officers had been injured during the fracas.

Apr 13 '15 11:55

The fight that broke out in Renesse between a German group celebrating a bachelor's party and the police who tried to bring them under control over the weekend, was nothing more than an incident, according to Mayor Gerard Rabelink of Schouwen-Duveland. He sees no reason to consider changing the policy in Renesse.

Apr 12 '15 11:38

Two officers were hurt and four others assaulted when they tried to get a wild bachelor party under control, police said. A group of 75 Germans were detained, with police formally arresting 14 for public violence in the seaside hamlet Renesse, Zeeland.

Dec 22 '14 11:40

A 43 year old man was taken to the police station for a breath test in the early hours of Sunday morning after police officers found him driving a golf cart in the middle of Hoogboomlaan in Renesse.

Mar 3 '14 06:46

Eight people became stranded on a sandbank on Sunday. They were saved when the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) came into action.

Nov 18 '13 04:45

An argument over a mobile phone escalated into a big brawl Saturday night between clubbers and the police at the Hoogezoom in Renesse

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