Quarrel turns into big brawl

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An argument over a mobile phone escalated into a big brawl Saturday night between clubbers and the police at the Hoogezoom in Renesse.

As officers on bikes followed noisy night clubbers slowly leave the center, the center of Renesse  remained restless and noisy. Groups lingered and challenged each other. At the roundabout Hogezoom / Vroonweg / Rolandsweg an argument over a phone escalated into a fight between two boys and a girl. The bikers intervened and apprehended one of the boys for abuse.

However, the boy refused to voluntarily go along and one of the officers in the neck and face. In the struggle that followed the suspect and two officers were lightly injured. The some of the clubbers turned on the officers. Because they did not response to the summons to leave, the officers called for reinforcement.

In the end the group of assembled people was forcibly driven apart. Four people were arrested . Two boys are in police custody . The are accused of assaulting officers . Two other were released after interrogation, with a settlement proposal in pocket. The agents filed reports of abuse.