refugee debate

Feb 25 '16 08:03

A massive 26 percent of city councilors have to deal with aggression, threats, intimidation or violence during the course of their duties as councilor. Most of them never report this to the police, according to a new study done by the Periklesinstituut

Feb 18 '16 13:30

Five Heesch residents were banned from parts of the Noord-Brabant town after a few dozen people were seen hanging anti-asylum center flyers all over the village on Tuesday

rutte and wilders
Feb 12 '16 08:55

A growing number of parliamentarians are pushing for drastic measures to reduce the number of asylum seekers entering the Netherlands and Europe. A majority now believes that the current asylum influx is over taxing the "support" from society and the government should start considering drastic and unorthodox measures to stop it

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Feb 11 '16 08:43

Seven percent of city councilors in the Netherlands are considering resignation due to the violence and aggression they have to deal with in the debate about asylum centers, according to a survey done by the Dutch Association of Councilors among its members

asylum seekers
Feb 11 '16 08:00

The Ministry of Security and Justice is launching a large-scale national investigation into what impact asylum seekers have on crime in their surroundings. The intention is to provide hard numbers, so that the asylum debate can be held based on facts, instead of emotions alone

Geert Wilders
Jan 19 '16 08:00

PVV leader Geert Wilders released a video message on YouTube calling for all male asylum seekers to be locked up in asylum centers. He wants the asylum centers to be closed institutions for the male asylum seekers so that "our women" can be protected from "testosterone bombs".

Jan 12 '16 07:51

An information evening about an emergency shelter for 400 asylum seekers devolved to the point of rioting and fighting in Overvecht in Utrecht on Monday night. At least one person was arrested

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Jan 11 '16 08:05

The large number of sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany over New Year's has the PVV and leader Geert Wilders' anti refugee statements' popularity at an all time high. The anti-Islam party currently has 41 seats according to Maurice de Hond's latest poll, an increase of 2 seats compared to the previous poll in mid-December.

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Dec 30 '15 16:15

Anti-Islam political party leader Geert Wilders scoffed at Labour leader Diederik Samsom’s assertion that the Dutch citizenry would support taking up to 200,000 asylum seekers. The migration is a direct consequence of the war in Syria, and people which will continue to seek refuge elsewhere until there is peace in the region

Rene van Berlo working at Oisterwijk refugee center
Dec 29 '15 09:42

Dutch municipalities have little chance of success in arranging enough space to accommodate the ever increasing number of asylum seekers arriving in the Netherlands, according to Marcel Boogers, professor of innovation and regional government at the University of Twente. If the approach does not change, "people will soon be sleeping on the streets", he said

Kiza Magendane
Dec 24 '15 16:25

Writer, political science student and former Congolese refugee Kiza Magendane thinks being able to live and get an education in the Netherlands is "one of the luckiest things one can have", he told Chantal Inen in an interview for the NL Times.

Dec 24 '15 09:25

An error in judgement was made in the plans for an emergency asylum center in Geldermalsen, Mayor Miranda de Vries acknowledged in a press conference on Wednesday. "This problem is perhaps a little too big, too complicated for us as Geldermalsen. Because it affects the entire Netherlands", she said. A number of calls are going out for a national approach to finding place for all the asylum seekers and refugees.

asylum seekers
Dec 23 '15 11:08

Geldermalsen Mayor Miranda de Vries bowed to the will of the rioters who disrupted the council meeting on a possible asylum center in the Gelderland town last week. The municipality will no longer offer emergency shelter to 1,500 refugees, she announced on Tuesday.

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Dec 22 '15 07:37

PVV leader Geert Wilders responded to his political colleagues' call for him to denounce xenophobic violence in the asylum debate exactly as D66 leader Alexander Pechtold expected him to. He has no intention of doing so.

Dec 21 '15 09:24

VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra wants to get rid of the Refugee Convention. He wants to restrict the right to asylum to the refugee's own region and so prevent refugees from all over the world from applying for asylum in the Netherlands. His statements led to criticism from a number of experts.

Dec 18 '15 15:55

Six of the 14 people arrested in connection with the anti-asylum center riots in Geldermalsen on Wednesday, were released on Friday, the Public Prosecutor announced. The prosecutor wants to keep the other eight in custody for another three days.

Dec 18 '15 15:30

Sjors Nikkels can still feel the powerlessness he felt when he watched the riot police hit his girlfriend Saskia van Kessel during the anti-asylum center riots in Geldermalsen on Wednesday night. Saskia is still in the hospital with a brain injury.

Dec 18 '15 07:53

The asylum debate riots in Geldermalsen were terrible, but incidents like that are at least the exception, not the rule. Generally the reception of asylum seekers is going really well, according to researcher Leo Lucassen, professor in migration.

Dec 17 '15 12:51

Lourens van Bruchem, SGP municipal councilor in Geldermalsen and faction leader, and his family were threatened with death if he voted for the asylum center the municipality has planned. An as yet unidentified man called his house phone and made the threats to his son, the politician told broadcaster NOS.

Dec 17 '15 08:44

The police arrested 14 people in Geldermalsen on Wednesday night after the debate about a possible asylum center in the Gelderland town turned to riots. Protesters tried to storm the town hall where the municipal council were discussing taking in 1,500 asylum seekers.

Nov 27 '15 12:30

Six people were arrested for their involvement in disturbances during an information evening in Rotterdam about a possible asylum center on October 15th.

Nov 25 '15 10:40

People working on the construction of a large asylum center on the Eschmarkerveld in Enschede were met with a gruesome sight on Wednesday morning. The severed heads of 12 pigs were scattered around the site sometime on Tuesday night.

asylum seekers
Nov 20 '15 12:09

The arrival of an asylum center in a neighborhood has no affect on the prices of surrounding homes, nor the time they spend on the market. The number of burglaries also do not increase more than the national trend.

Nov 19 '15 13:55

The Dutch government is considering a emergency scenario in which young, healthy refugee men will no longer be allowed into asylum centers if there are no beds remaining. Instead they will be given pocket money and put out on the street. The plan is an extreme emergency measure and will only be implemented if there is no other alternative.


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