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Apr 22 '19 15:10

Supermarket chain Lidl recalled the liter packs of semi-skimmed vanilla yogurt of the Milbona brand. The product may contain metal particles, which can lead to injuries, the supermarket said, the Telegraaf reports.

Lidl removed the product from its shelves and call on customers not to consume the yogurt, but bring it back for a refund. This only concerns the Milbona ’Halfvolle vanille yoghurt’, 1 liter, with the EAN code 20329358, and best-before date 29 April. 

Jun 12 '18 09:28

German supermarkets removed tens of thousands of Dutch eggs from themselves because they were found to be contaminated by toxic insecticide fipronil. The German Ministry of Agriculture says that there is no danger to public health, NOS reports.

It involved around 73 thousand eggs from an organic chicken farmer in the Netherlands. They were delivered between May 17th and June 4th and were sold in six states all over Germany. Some of the eggs were already sold to consumers before the contamination was discovered.

Mar 5 '18 10:20

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn pulled a boys' football party game off its shelves after accusations that the party game is sexist and stereotypical, AD reports.

The game pack contains whistles, inflatable footballs and a set of questions with multiple answers. The most obvious criticism of the game is that its packaging states its for boys aged 8 to 13 years old. "Why not for girls?" a football coach asked the newspaper. 

Oct 26 '16 12:45

Japanese car maker Toyota is recalling over 36 thousand cars in the Netherlands due to potentially dangerous airbags. Defects in the airbag inflation system of Takata airbags means that metal pieces can be shot into the car when the airbag is released. This defect has been linked to 17 deaths worldwide, so far none in the Netherlands, ANP reports.

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Sep 21 '16 14:10

Supermarket chain Jumbo is removing various beef tartar products, rissole and steak du boeuf from its shelves as the meat products may contain the E.coli bacteria, the supermarket chain announced on Wednesday

Jun 29 '16 12:10

Car manufacturer Toyota is recalling about 1.43 million cars world wide, 17,220 in the Netherlands, due to problems with their airbags. In the Netherlands another 41,334 Toyotas are also being recalled due to possible problems with carbon filters

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Jun 23 '16 16:30

IKEA issued a warning stating that the baby gates for staircase the store sold for years is unsafe. The company received several reports of children falling down the stairs when the gates opened unexpectedly, sometimes resulting in injury

Feb 24 '16 08:35

Chocolate company Mars recalled millions of chocolate bars in 55 countries, because they may contain pieces of plastic which could be a chocking hazard. In the Netherlands alone Mars Nederland recalled about 4 million chocolate bars on Tuesday.

Feb 16 '16 13:45

Supermarket chain Aldi issued a recall on smoked trout products made by H. van Wijnen B.V. after listeria bacteria was found in the product.

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Feb 12 '16 14:35

Supermarket Jumbo issued a recall for for two smoke salmon products of the Jumbo brand. Listeria bacteria was found in a random sample at supplier H. van Wijnen from Krimpen aan de Ijssel

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Feb 9 '16 11:45

Ikea is recalling ceiling lamps of the brands HYBY, LOCK and RINNA, because the lampshades on these lamps can come loose and fall down. According to the store, this already led to several minor injuries

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Nov 6 '15 16:45

Clothing store Primark has recalled a baby-shirt the store considers dangerous to babies. The shirt's buttons contains metal rings that could become loose and form a choking hazard.

Aug 18 '15 13:58

IKEA has sent out a recall for its white, pink and orange Patrull nightlight with sensor. According to the store, there is a possibility that the nightlight's cap could come off when it is unplugged. This could lead to an electric shock.

Jun 25 '15 08:09

Hema has recalled its mobile chargers, called powerbanks. The company has determined that pars of the battery can overheat and melt the case it is in. In some cases, the batteries may even explo

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Jun 2 '15 13:42

Hema has recalled its red and yellow inflatable armbands, or water wings. According to the supermarket chain, the seams of the armbands are not properly attached, which could cause them to tear easily. This could put a child in danger of drowning.

May 29 '15 10:59

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has recalled French cheese of the brand Le Petit Fiance des Pyrenees. The salmonella bacteria was found in some of these cheeses.

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May 22 '15 09:14

Supermarket chain Jumbo and C1000 is recalling all Italian chicken salads. Due to a manufacturing error, raw chicken was added to the salads instead to cooked chicken, which could lead to consumers getting salmonella, NOS reports.

Photo: IKEA 'GUNGGUNG' Swing
Sep 16 '14 15:35

Swedish retailer IKEA today urged customers who purchased the GUNGGUNG indoor children's swing to immediately dismantle them and return them to the store after two injuries related to the swings were reported to the firm. The swing, which has been sold in the Netherlands since March 2014, does not meet quality standards leading IKEA to recall the swing and provide a full refund.

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