new year's dive

Thousands line up in Schevningen, The Hague to take the New Year's dive
Jan 1 '18 14:30

Thousands of people in the Netherlands welcomed the new year by taking a dip in the cold water at over 140 locations across the country. From noon tens of thousands of people stormed into the cold water, just to storm out again moments later and line up for hot chocolate and soup.

Some 10 thousand brave Dutch dove into freezing water in Scheveningen, The Hague for the New Year's plunge; 1 Jan 2017
Jan 2 '17 10:00

With outside temperatures of -4 degrees and seawater temperatures of around 7 degrees, some 50 thousand Dutch people took the traditional New Year's plunge at 142 locations in the Netherlands around noon on Sunday, RTL Nieuws reports.

The plunge at Scheveningen, The Hague was most popular with over 10 thousand people diving into freezing cold water.A spokesperson for the organizers called the plunge "nice and crisp",.

Despite the low temperatures, no one became hypothermic or was injured in any other way. 

Dec 31 '15 10:56

Many a Dutch is preparing to welcome the New Year by diving into ice cold water in the traditional New Year's Dive. And while the sea water is expected to be warmer than in previous years, it is still important to stay safe and be well prepared. The Rescue Brigade released five safety tips to help courageous Dutch survive this daring tradition.

Dec 21 '15 16:10

New Year's divers can expect "unusually warm" water when jumping on on January 1st, according to Weeronline. According to the weather service, it is hard to say what the outside temperature will be like on January 1st, but the sea water at least will be warmer than it's been in years

Jan 2 '14 04:33

'Cold, cold, cold,' is the only thing a participant in the New Year's swim in Scheveningen could utter. She was standing on the beach, along with 10,000 other "swimmers," trying to catch their breath from the fresh start of 2014.

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