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Sep 25 '17 13:40

A fifth of Dutch companies with at least 10 employees, dealt with the consequences of a cyber attack last year, Statistics Netherlands revealed in a study on IT incidents on Monday. Companies in the financial- and energy sectors are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to the stats office.

Sep 11 '17 11:10

The number of companies in the Netherlands being declared bankrupt continues to decrease. In August 39 fewer companies were declared bankrupt than in July, Statistics Netherlands reported on Monday. The number of bankruptcies in the Netherlands is now at its lowest level since 2001. 

A total of 258 companies and institutions, excluding sole proprietorships, were declared bankrupt in August. The trade sector saw the most bankruptcies with 67, followed by financial institutions (35) and the construction industry (25). 

Apr 23 '15 10:45

The 14 million tourists and business travelers who came to the Netherlands in 2014 spent a total of approximately 10 billion euros during their visit, economics minister Henk Kamp announced Thursday morning. Around 2.1 billion was spent on food and drinks, with another billion expended on souvenirs, clothing and other necessities.

Mar 31 '15 12:38

The VVD in Amsterdam wants the capital to use volunteers as hosts in the city under the slogan "I Host Amsterdam", the party announced on their website. These volunteers would assist tourists during events or busy times in the city.

Feb 25 '15 11:36

From July 1st this year temporary workers will be entitled to a transition allowance if a contract is not renewed by an employer after at least two years of employment. This is to ensure that temporary workers, such as seasonal workers in the hospitality or leisure sectors, are rehired instead of the employer hiring other temps.

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