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Aug 17 '18 14:30

Virgiel, the Catholic student association in Delft, canceled the membership of a student after he was caught recording women in the association's bathroom with a hidden camera. The member hid the camera in a coffee cup that was placed on the toilet, the association said in a statement, NU.nl reports.

Apr 17 '18 15:40

On Monday the court sentenced a 51-year-old Belgian man to three months in prison for secretly filming women in sauna SpaSereen in Maarssen. One of the victims caught Mark D. filming her and friends with his watch in October 2016, AD reports.

Mar 13 '18 08:37

A video showing nude visitors to sauna SpaWell in Peize, Drenthe was found on popular porn site Xhamster. The video, which shows visitors showering, was uploaded to the site four years ago, Groningen blog Sikkom discovered.

Towels clearly showing the sauna's name can be seen in the video. It seems that it was recorded by a visitor who hid the camera in a bag. The video starts with the filmer directing the camera at the showering visitors, and the sound of a zipper can be heard. 

Mar 3 '16 10:33

The police are investigating a 22 year old swimming coach from Middelburg. He is suspected of secretly photographing young girls of the Swim and Polo club De Zeeuwse Kust through hidden cameras in their locker room.

Sep 1 '15 13:54

A 20 year old student found a camera hidden under the sink in her dorm room in Breda on Sunday night. A 36 year old man from Etten-Leur was arrested.

Aug 12 '15 15:19

PowNed was not allowed to broadcast the footage of former Maastricht Mayor Onno Hoes and the then 20 year old Robbie Hasselt, the court of Amsterdam decided in a preliminary ruling on Wednesday.The footage, which was made with a hidden camera, is an unjustifiable intrusion on Hoes' privacy. PowNed must now remove all fragments of the footage from the internet and give the original footage to the former mayor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.33.04 PM
Mar 20 '15 15:04

Known for their viral videos, Boris Lange and LifeHunters.tv presented a ten euro IKEA painting as a masterpiece inside Museum Arnhem for their latest piece. Dressed up as an art connoisseur cliché, Lange walks around the museum asking visitors for their opinions about the artwork, which he says is painted by up-and-coming Swedish artist Ike Andrews.

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Luigi C
Dec 5 '14 17:19

The man accused of secretly recording videos of hundreds of underage girls in locker rooms apologized for his actions in court Friday, but it was not enough for a judge to release him from detention. Luigi C. was arrested over the summer, accused of planting videocameras in field hockey locker rooms of clubs HGC in Wassenaar and HDM in the Hague.

Jan 9 '14 18:09

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) has concluded after investigation that the company Media Markt filmed staff covertly, which is against the law.

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