Jail for man caught secretly filming women in Dutch sauna

On Monday the court sentenced a 51-year-old Belgian man to three months in prison for secretly filming women in sauna SpaSereen in Maarssen. One of the victims caught Mark D. filming her and friends with his watch in October 2016, AD reports.

The woman noticed D. staring unabashedly at her on October 8th, 2016. He pointed his watch at her and her friends. She confronted the man and sauna staff called the police. He fled into the bushes, but was caught by police officers a short time later. The police confiscated and checked his watch, which was equipped with a camera. They found a memory card filled with footage of women in the sauna. 

In court the suspect claimed that the filming happened accidentally. The judge did not believe that and sentenced him to three months in prison and a probation period of two years, during which time he is not allowed to visit any saunas in the Netherlands. His watch was also confiscated.

Mark D. already has a long criminal record in Belgium, including crimes like stalking, intimidation, assault, and arson, according to the newspaper.