Aug 22 '17 15:00

Meal delivery service Deliveroo is gradually replacing all its employed delivery personnel in the Netherlands with freelancers starting on Tuesday, CEO Philip Padberg said to the Financieele Dagblad on Tuesday. According to him, this will result in delivers' net income increasing.

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Jul 11 '17 11:10

Less than 20 percent of the 873 thousand freelancers and self-employed in the Netherlands have insurance against occupational disability, according to figures by Statistics Netherlands and TNO. 70 percent of this group don't have insurance because they can't afford it. 

A quarter of this group say they can carry this risk by themselves and just over 20 percent can fall back on their partner's income. 14 percent don't have insurance because they don't trust insurers. This is especially common in the construction industry, according to the stats office.

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Apr 26 '17 11:20

Temporary workers are more likely to be occupationally disabled than employees with a permanent contract, according to a report by top officials from all Ministries. Temps therefore claim disability benefits more often, the Volkskrant reports.

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Feb 13 '17 08:52

At least 18 percent of the nearly 700 thousand freelancers in the Netherlands lost work over the past year due to a new law against false self-employment, Dutch newspaper Trouw reports based on a study by the Chamber of Commerce which publishes on Monday. That amounts to 122 thousand affected freelancers.

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Nov 1 '16 11:55

27 percent of freelancers and self-employed in the Netherlands do not have sufficent financial resources or insurance to provide an income for themselves should they be unable to work due to disability, according to a report published by the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) on Monday, ANP reports.

Just over half of self-employed and freelancers have sufficient possibilities to get a replacement income on the level of a disability benefit. One in 20 have no posibilities of providing a mininum income and will likely have to depend on welfare should they be unable to work.

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Oct 18 '16 12:45

Two thirds of unemployed people in the Netherlands manage to find another job within a year, according to figures from benefits agency UWV. The unemployed are benefiting from increasing job opportunities on the Dutch labor market

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Aug 31 '16 13:50

Job opportunities for temporary workers and freelancers increased by 2.9 percent in the second quarter, compared to the first quarter of this year, Statistics Netherlands said on Wednesday. This involves an increase in hours on both short- and long-term contracts.

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Aug 17 '16 10:45

There was a sharp drop in unemployment among 25- to 30-year-olds over the past two years, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Wednesday. In this age group unemployment fell from 7.3 percent in the second quarter of 2014 to 5 percent in the last quarter of 2015. Though the unemployment rate is still highest among 25- to 45-year-olds.

Aug 9 '16 08:38

Some 70 percent of freelancers who work less than 12 hours a week are satisfied with the hours they work. The other 30 percent would like more hours, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Tuesday.

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Jul 1 '16 10:55

Nibud is concerned about the financial situation of future pensioners. The combination of the rising cot of living and the current group of freelancers and entrepreneurs building less pension, leads the institute to expect that the current under-65-year-olds will soon have a quarter too little pension

Jun 17 '16 13:25

The vast majority of freelancers in the Netherlands feel they are not being represented in Dutch politics - not a single political party fights for their interests, according to a survey by MWM2 on behalf of BNR.

For Sale signs (Source: Wikimedia/Andy F)
Jun 16 '16 10:09

About 30 percent of young starters are unfairly denied a mortgage, according to mortgage expert Hypotheekshop's own research

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May 24 '16 09:26

Freelancers experience less pressure at work and are less likely to burnout than employees who work for a boss. They are also more enthusiastic about their work, find their jobs more varied and want to retire later than employees, according to a study done by TNO and Statistics Netherlands.

May 17 '16 10:23

Freelancers are getting more work hours than they did two years ago. They more often keep working for their client and are also offered a permanent contract more often, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Tuesday

May 4 '16 12:25

The introduction of a new law for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is already having effect on freelancers - large companies no longer want to hire them, BNR reports based on documents in its possession. The companies asked not to be mentioned by name.

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Mar 1 '16 08:34

The number of people stuck in long term poverty increased significantly as a result of the economic crisis. In 2013 a massive 1.25 million people lived in poverty. Almost half of them - 595 thousand people - lived below the poverty line for three or more years. That is almost 4 percent of the Dutch population, according to a report by the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau on long-term poverty in the Netherlands.

Jan 27 '16 08:04

For 553 thousand of the more than 1.35 million freelancers in the Netherlands, the money they earn as a freelancer is a sideline income. The bulk of their income consists of wages, pension or benefit, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Wednesday.

Jan 22 '16 09:40

Cutbacks in the Cultural sector wreaked havoc in the art world. Some 20 thousand permanent jobs disappeared and the sector is now dominated by low-paid freelancers. Half of people working in culture earn less than 30 thousand euros a year, according to a study done by the government's advisory group SER and the Council for Culture

Dec 1 '15 09:21

The CDA wants to change the sick leave regulation so that employers have to pay all workers, including flex workers and freelancers, eight weeks of sick leave.

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Sep 7 '15 12:12

A quietly implemented change to the calculation of unemployment benefits, has had negative effects on flexible workers and seasonal workers, whose benefits are suddenly much lower. The change is also affecting those who briefly left unemployment for lower paid jobs and then reapplied for benefits

Jul 29 '15 09:05

The hourly rates for freelancers have decreased in most sectors. The average hourly rate freelancers charge this year is 44 euros, compared to 45 euros in 2014.

Jun 12 '15 09:06

PostNL is willing to offer independent package delivery drivers a permanent contract. The company recently received a lot of criticism that the freelancers who deliver packages for the company are "sham-self employed" and earn little for their work. How many people will actually accept the offer, is still unknown.

Working Woman
Jun 9 '15 10:41

The leader of the FNV union, Ton Heerts, spoke against social services for freelancers in an interview with FD. He says self-employed people making use of disability, sickness and unemployment benefits undermines the entire social welfare system.

Flight Deck
May 18 '15 13:35

Pilots working as either freelancers or under zero-hour contracts creates an unsafe situation for the flying public, several Dutch members of European Parliament said this week. The politicians responded to a report from the University of Ghent, which stated half of the pilots for budget airlines are working as freelancers.


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