Freelancers less likely to burnout than employees

Freelancers experience less pressure at work and are less likely to burnout than employees who work for a boss. They are also more enthusiastic about their work, find their jobs more varied and want to retire later than employees, according to a study done by TNO and Statistics Netherlands.

The researchers define a freelancer as someone who is self-employed without employees. 7.1 percent of freelancers feel like they will be burned out by work a few times a month. Among employees 14.4 percent experience these feelings. Even when taking age, education, gender and industry differences into account, there is still a remarkable difference between freelancers and employees, according to the study.

Freelancers are more enthusiastic about their work than employees. Nearly 75 percent of freelancers regularly immerse themselves in their work, compared to 60 percent of employees. Freelancers also generally feel fitter and stronger while working than employees do.

Physical strain is more of a problem for freelancers than employees. Freelancers more often indicated that they can not easily meet the physical demands of their work. They also more often have to work with tools, devices or vehicles that causes vibrations or shaking.

Employees expect to retire at age 63 on average, compared to 67 among freelancers.