dutch embassy

Ricardo Martinelli
Apr 7 '14 08:22

Two Dutch women went missing in Panama last week. President Ricardo Martinelli has emphasized that the country is doing everything to find them. During a press conference on Sunday, Martinelli thanked the Dutch embassy "for the confidence" during the search party, De Telegraaf reports.

Oct 7 '13 01:37

The father, who picked up his 7-year-old son from school in Paramaribo, returned to The Netherlands with his son, on Sunday, reports program maker John van den Heuvel.

Sep 26 '13 02:28

The Dutch embassy in Sudan advised its compatriots to stay in as much as possible. The advice follows violent protests in the country against the abolition of subsidy on fuel.

Aug 9 '13 08:20

Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans has ordered the embassy staff based in Sana'a, Yemen to leave the country.


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