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People standing in line outside a coffeeshop set to close for coronavirus regulations
Mar 17 '20 07:27

After ordering restaurants and other catering businesses, including coffeeshops, closed until at east April 6 on Sunday, the government announced on Monday that these establishments can reopen, but only for takeaways and deliveries.

Netherlands police uniform
Jan 7 '20 12:40

The police pulled over a motorist in Waalwijk on Sunday to reprimand him for a dirty license plate, only to end up arresting him on suspicion of drug dealing. The officers found 67 bags of cocaine in a hidden area of the car. The 23-year-old man from Den Bosch's driver's license had also been suspended, the police said in a statement.

The officers noticed the car on Taxandriaweg in Waalwijk because its license plate was so dirty that it couldn't be read. They decided to pull the car over for a check. 

Drug dealer
Oct 16 '19 16:20

Amsterdam is stepping up the fight against drug crime with a package of measures focused on making neighborhoods and their residents more resilient, and on "actively disrupting" drug dealing. Dealers will be tackled at their hangouts and garage boxes, and young people who are in danger of entering the drug world will be better monitored, the city said in a statement. 

Mar 29 '19 16:00

The police arrested a 32-year-old man from Winkel in the investigation into a 17-year-old girl's fatal MDMA overdose. The man is suspected of selling the drugs to the minor girl, the police said in a statement.

new police uniform 1
Oct 27 '17 10:00

Eighty residents of Montfoort and Oudewater received an SMS from the police on Thursday evening. "MESSAGE FROM POLICE: Your telephone number was found on a drug dealer's phone", the message read, according to NOS.

Aug 28 '17 14:20

The Dutch police taking down dark web black market Hansa last month, caused some panic among drug dealers who used the site, according to a study by TNO that is in possession of NRC.

new police uniform 1
Jul 24 '17 12:10

A death threat directed at Woerden mayor Victor Molkenboer was spray-painted on the Hollandbaan in Woerden. The text, which also declares war on the police and mayor, was signed "regards drug dealers", according to RTV Utrecht.

"Molkenboer retirement or death", the text read. And: "You will burn."

Feb 29 '16 15:25

Murdered Eindhoven drug dealer Aran de Jong's estate has to pay the tax authorities more than 20 million euros in profits made from selling cannabis, the court ruled in an appeal brought by De Jong's heirs

Jan 13 '16 07:35

The body parts found around a ditch in Etten-Leur last month belonged to 26 year old Danny de Deugd, the police announced on Tuesday. The body parts were identified based on a DNA match.

Jun 25 '15 14:50

The court in Den Bosch has released drug suspect Edwin K. on bond so hat he can recover from the severe burns he received when his car was bombed in October.

Apr 7 '15 13:50

The drug dealer suspected of selling white heroin as cocaine will remain in custody for two weeks, the court in Amsterdam decided after his arraignment this morning. The magistrate decided that there are enough "serious objections" against him to keep him in custody, Volkskrant reports.

Apr 7 '15 07:53

A drug dealer suspected of distributing white heroine as cocaine in Amsterdam earlier this year was arrested by police in the capital city over the weekend. The man turned himself in on Saturday at about 7:30 a.m., police said Tuesday.

Mar 26 '15 11:32

A British inquest has confirmed that the two British tourists who died in Amsterdam after taking white heroin they thought was cocaine, died of drug related causes, the British newspaper North Devon Journal reports.

Mar 20 '15 12:55

There is a new witness who claims that Willem Holleeder, best known as one of the Heineken-kidnappers, is involved with assassinations in the underworld, the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam said in an interview with EenVandaag.

Mar 18 '15 09:51

The police have released a new video as well as a new photo showing the man believed to be selling white heroin as cocaine to tourists in Amsterdam.

no image
Mar 2 '15 13:26

A man who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in a café in Amsterdam Oost last year was killed in a café in Paramaribo Noord in Suriname early this morning.

Mar 2 '15 09:46

The police have released pictures of the man suspected of selling white heroin as cocaine to tourists in Amsterdam.

Scott Coleman
Feb 23 '15 18:15

A 40-year-old Brit was arrested in Amsterdam earlier this month, after his prominent and unique tattoo collection leaked his identity to police.

Jan 6 '15 12:26

The municipality of Amsterdam is about to stop the campaign in which tourists were warned about white heroin sold on streets as cocaine. Last year at least three people died and several others were treated by medics after snorting heroin they thought was cocaine.

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