Drug suspect injured in car bombing released on bond

Car bombing in Veghel (Picture: Twitter/@marissarovers). (Car bombing in Veghel (Picture: Twitter/@marissarovers))

The court in Den Bosch has released drug suspect Edwin K. on bond so hat he can recover from the severe burns he received when his car was bombed in October.

During the hearing, it became clear that K. was heavily affected by the bombing - both mentally and physically - and that he was traumatized by the experience. His Lawyer Mark Nilisen told the court that K. often wakes up drenched in sweat after dreams of being burned alive. Omroep Brabant reports.

The court agreed to give K. freedom to recover from his injuries. He will be free until the court rules on his case. The hearings will start on September 3rd.

K. became the victim of a car bombing in Veghel on October 31st last year. He sustained severe burns to his head and arms. The police found a large quantity of drugs, including 5 kilograms of heroin, 1 kilogram of cocaine and 5 kilograms of raw material for MDMA and amphetamine. Drugs and raw materials were also found in K.'s deceased parent's home in Veghel.

K. was arrested soon after he left the hospital on suspicion of manufacturing and selling hard drugs.