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Zion, found abandoned at an animal shelter in Rotterdam, 8 Oct 2018
Oct 9 '18 15:50

A 2.5 year old American Stafford was found abandoned at the door af a closed animal shelter in Rotterdam on Monday morning. The sad discovery was made even sadder by a note found with the dog. "Can't take care of him anymore, have no income and I'm on the street now", the dog's owner wrote.

"PLEASE take good care of him. He's a good dog. I couldn't do anything else - sorry", the note, which the police posted on Twitter, reads. "His name is Zion. 2.5 years old."

The police call on Zion's owner to come forward. Not for punishment, but for help, the officer wrote on Twitter.

Dec 27 '17 08:37

Interim Amsterdam mayor Jozias van Aartsen wants to implement firework-free zones around hospitals and nursing homes in the Dutch capital next year, he said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

According to Van Aartsen, such firework-free zones resulted in a drastic reduction in firework related problems and incidents in The Hague, where he was previously mayor. The Amsterdam city council already approved expanding these zones in the city, he said to the newspaper. 

Geert Wilders
Mar 8 '17 09:42

An animal shelter in Zaandam canceled a work visit from PVV leader Geert Wilders on Thursday out of fear for the safety of their employees, a spokesperson for the PVV said. According to him, it has to do with an announced demonstration by anti-fascists, NOS reports.

Jun 1 '15 15:30

A drunk hedgehog was rescued from a gutter in Arnhem on Sunday, the animal shelter for Arnhem and its surroundings reported on its Facebook page.

Oct 1 '14 15:34

In recent times a massive number of pit bulls have been left at the animal shelter in Breda.

no image
Aug 26 '14 10:39

In Utrecht, a hiker discovered 11 kittens trapped in a sealed box in the Kanaleneiland neighborhood last night. RTV Utrecht reports that the kittens have been delivered to the animal ambulance, who reported of the incident on Facebook.

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