Suspect in teen girl's shooting has criminal record; victim identified

A 31-year-old man arrested for shooting and killing a 16-year-old girl at a school in Rotterdam on Tuesday, has a criminal record. He was convicted last year and is currently on probation. A spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor could not say for what crime exactly the man was convicted, RTL Nieuws reports.

The young victim's name was Humeyra Öz, according to newspaper AD. NOS identifies the suspect as Bekir E. 

Humeyra was gunned down at the indoor bicycle storage of the Designcollege in Rotterdam at around 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday. The suspect was arrested in the immediate aftermath on Bergeslaan. 

According to RTL Nieuws, the girl came out of the school when she saw the man. He ran towards her, immediately starting to shoot. She tried to run back into the school, but did not make it. A number of other pupils who witnessed the shooting told the broadcaster that they heard eight shots. "I saw a man running inside, I heard two shots, but we thought that it was maybe fireworks", one pupil said. "After that I saw people running and heard more shots. Then I thought: I have to get away from here."

Another pupil told RTL that he saw the victim lying at the bike storage. "I didn't know what to do. Take action or run away. But before I knew it, the emergency services were there."

The police confirmed that the victim and suspect knew each other, but would say nothing further in the interest of the investigation. Sources told RTL that the man may have been the girl's ex-boyfriend and that their Turkish families knew each other. The police are taking into account that the girl's family will take revenge on the suspect's family, according to the broadcaster's sources. 

The Designcollege is shocked by their pupil's death. "We are all devastated", the vocational school said in a statement. "Our thoughts go out to the parents and family of the victim, whom we will support as much as possible. We wish each and everyone strength in processing this terrible event."

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb reacted to the shooting with "horror and grief", his spokesperson said to RTL. "He sympathizes very much with the family of the girl, her friends and the bystanders who were witnesses."

Imam Bunyamin Yildiz of the Melvana Mosque told AD that he would visit Humeyra's family as soon as they are able to see him. The family attends the Melvana Mosque. "I will offer moral support when they can receive me. I just heard that the father is not yet approachable after this blow. I want to help them", he said.