Life sentence for terrorist attack on cycling tourists in Tajikistan: report

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The prime suspect of a terrorist attack on a number of bicycle tourists in Tajikistan in July was sentenced to life in prison, sources in the Asian country said to NOS. Four tourists were killed, including a Dutch man. 

The man who got a life sentence is Hussein Abdusamadov, the only one of the five who committed the attack who is still alive, according to the broadcaster. Two other men were sentenced to 16 years in prison. And twelve others received prison sentences of between 18 and 24 months. They were accused of knowing about the attack, but not doing anything to stop it. A woman was also tried. She was convicted, but not given a prison sentence. 

The trial was held in prison behind closed doors. No international observes, relatives of the victims, or press were allowed to be present. 

A car crashed into a group of seven cyclists in Tajikstan on July 29th. Four were killed - two Americans, a 56-year-old Dutch man, and a Swiss person. The Dutch man's 58-year-old wife was injured. 

The Tajikistan government said that the opposition - a banned Islamic revival party which has ties with Iran - is behind the attack. After the attack a video was posted online in which the perpetrators swore allegiance to terrorist group ISIS. 


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