ISIS claims attack on cyclists in Tajikistan

Terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the deaths of four cycling tourists, including one Dutch, in Tajikistan on Sunday. The local authorities still believe it was a hit-and-run accident, but do not exclude intent or terrorism, NOS reports.

"The attack was carried out by ISIS soldiers and was directed against countries of the coalition", according to a statement distributed by ISIS' own news agency Amaq. The statement refers to the countries fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. 

No details about the incident in Tajikistan, or evidence of the terrorist organization's involvement were given. 

On Sunday afternoon seven cycling tourists were hit by a car in the Central Asian republic. Four of them were killed - a 56-year-old Dutch man, two Americans and a Swiss. A 58-year-old Dutch woman is among the three injured. 

Shortly after the incident, there were rumors in local media that it was a terrorist attack, according to NOS. The cyclists weren't only hit by a car, but also stabbed with a knife, the rumors said. On Monday a video of the collision surfaced, which seem to show that the crash was intentional.