Fog prompts warnings across most of Netherlands

Dense fog in the Netherlands. April 8, 2015. (Picture: Twitter/@HVCapelle)Dense fog in the Netherlands. April 8, 2015. (Picture: Twitter/@HVCapelle)

A code yellow weather alert was issued for much of the Netherlands on Sunday morning as fog blanketed the country. The alert was scheduled for 8am to 11am, the national meteorological agency KNMI stated.

Fog could continue to be a problem overnight into the Monday morning rush hour, travel association ANWB cautioned.

Visibility Sunday morning was cut to a distance of 200 meters, prompting the agency to warn drivers in particular. “Adjust speed and keep a safe distance. Treacherous fog can suddenly occur,” the KNMI noted.

There were a handful of delays on the roads, but no major traffic problems caused by the fog as of 9am on Sunday.

Only the Frisian Island in the north, and the southern provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg were excluded from the warning.


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