Four arrested in Lithuanian's murder; two held in Bosnia

Four suspects were arrested as part of the investigation into the execution of Gintas Macionis (37) yesterday morning. A 26 year old man and a 32 year old woman were arrested in Amsterdam, a 32 year old man was arrested in Bosnia and a 39 year old man was arrested in Herzegovina.

These suspects are suspected of involvement in a criminal organization, which also involved a previously arrested 40 year old Amsterdam resident.

The Lithuanian Gintas Macionis was found shot in the head the driveway of his house on Groenendries in Huijbergen on February 22nd last year. He died of his injuries in hospital a short time later. The police immediately launched a large scale investigation.

On October 7th last year, three men (aged 31, 34 and 39 years) with Balkan backgrounds were arrested in the Netherlands. They are suspected of being the shooters. A fourth suspect, a 24 year old Croatian man, was arrested in Germany on October 9th.

During the investigation the police found evidence that two criminal organizations were involved in the execution. The suspects that were arrested in October form part of the first organization, which is involved with drug and weapon offenses. The second criminal organization revolves around a 40 year old Amsterdam resident, who is seen as the one who ordered the execution. This organization is allegedly involved in international drugs trade, cannabis in particular, and money laundering.

During a large scale police action on February 27th this year, the police arrested a 40 year ld from Amsterdam, a 40 year old man from Bergen op Zoom and a 67 year old man from Oost Souburg. A 55 year old man from Vlissingen turned himself in to the police on March 2nd. These people are suspected of involvement in the execution of Macionis and/or participation in a criminal drug organization. On Tuesday, March 10th, three women from Bergen op Zoom, aged 52, 54 and 54 years old, were also arrested on suspicion of involvement in a criminal organization and money laundering.

As part of this investigation the police also raided 19 addresses, intercepted several drug shipments and discovered several cannabis plantations. Several dozen kilograms of cannabis were seized during these actions. According to the investigators, the motive for Macionis' execution could be related to a dispute over a drug transaction.