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Jul 18 '16 15:45

The police are raiding various addresses in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe on Monday as part of a major investigation into money laundering and drug trafficking in the north of the country. So far four suspects were arrested

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Jul 14 '16 15:20

The Hague police officer arrested in June for leaking confidential police information, leaked information about cannabis plantations to cannabis thieves, the Public Prosecutor revealed on Thursday. The 28-year-old cop is suspected of corruption, violating professional secrecy, complicity in burglaries and participation in a criminal investigation.

Dutch police Arrest team
May 31 '16 10:40

The police raided a total of 19 different locations on Tuesday morning as part of an investigation into organized crime in Groningen. So far 13 people were arrested, the police announced in a statement.

Feb 16 '16 12:37

Four Dutch people were arrested in Spain after the police discovered three cannabis plantations in their rented accommodations. According to the Spanish police, the investigation into these Dutch suspects started in July last year, when Dutch authorities asked Spain for help to track down "two members of a gang" suspected of involvement with several murders in the Netherlands.

Jun 9 '15 10:44

The police in Groningen are raiding multiple locations in the province as part of two ongoing investigations into cannabis cultivation. According to the police, these actions are "aimed at seizing cannabis, money, valuables and administration".

Mar 17 '15 12:20

Four suspects were arrested as part of the investigation into the execution of Gintas Macionis (37) yesterday morning. A 26 year old man and a 32 year old woman were arrested in Amsterdam, a 32 year old man was arrested in Bosnia and a 39 year old man was arrested in Herzegovina.

Mar 12 '15 11:46

Justice in Limburg suspects that criminal organizations in the south of the Netherlands make teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 years work in cannabis plantations, De Telegraaf reports.

Feb 2 '15 10:29

Last year 4,676 hemp farms were broken up that were connected to energy theft, Netbeheer Nederland announced today on behalf of all the regional grid managers. Their figures show that fewer cannabis plantations that were stealing electricity were broken up, but that more energy was stolen (140 million kWh in 2013 to 147 million kWh in 2014).

Jan 3 '14 13:30

Germany has noticed a sharp increase in cannabis plantations in sparsely populated north east.

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