Newborn babies
Jan 13 '20 08:26

The most popular names for babies born in the Netherlands last year were Emma for girls and Noah for boys. A total of 785 boys born last year were given the name Noah, and 731 girls were called Emma, according to annual figures from social insurance bank SVB.

Mila was the second most popular name for girls, with 671 baby girls being given that name. Sophie came in third place. Julia, 2018's most popular name, dropped to fifth place with 630 girls being named Julia last year.

Jan 29 '19 14:30

The most popular baby names in the Netherlands last year were Lucas and Julia. A total of 797 baby girls were named Julia last year, and 681 newborn boys were dubbed Lucas, social insurance bank SVB announced on Tuesday.

Jan 13 '17 11:45

Daan and Anna were the most popular baby names in the Netherlands in 2016, social insurance bank SVB announced on Friday. A total of 681 boys were named Daan last year, and 665 girls were named Tess.

The most popular baby girl name in 2015, Emma, dropped to a very close second place last year. Tess tied for second place with Emma, both names given to 664 girls. 2015's third place Julia dropped to fifth place in 2016.

Aug 30 '16 15:00

About 50 percent of all claims on personal budget social care policies still have problems, according to a sample survey at social insurance bank SVB, which is responsible for paying these claims. Most of these problems do not involve misappropriation funds, but administrative errors such as a missing signature, a spokesperson for the SVB said to the Telegraaf.

May 4 '16 10:58

Last year the Netherlands' social insurance bank SVB paid out a total of 164.5 million euros in compensation to nearly 24 thousand victims of World War II and of the unrest in the former Dutch East Indies, LocalFocus reports based on figures received from SVB.

Jan 19 '16 10:51

The most popular baby names in the Netherlands last year were Emma and Liam, according to social security authority SVB's annual list of the most popular baby names. The most popular names for 2014 were Sophie and Daan.

Jun 23 '15 12:09

A Leeuwarden lawyer has set up a foundation where private health care providers who are experiencing problems because of the chaos surrounding the payment budget claims can come together. The lawyer plans to file a joint compensation claim against the Social Insurance Bank.

Apr 29 '15 11:36

State Secretary Martin van Rijn of Public Health has admitted that the introduction of the new system for personal budgets has "not gone well" in a letter sent to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Tuesday.

Apr 21 '15 11:20

The Social Insurance Bank, the institution executing the new personal budget, sent a secret letter warning of possible problems with payments to the Ministry of Health last summer, AD reports.

Jan 13 '15 17:19

Sophie and Daan were the most common names given to children in 2014. The list made by De Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) also reveals the least common names of 2014.

Nov 26 '13 15:26

The number of people applying for an exemption of their insurances, increased last year by 14 percent. An exemption relieves people from mandatory insurances.

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