summer holidays

Jun 29 '17 09:35

Train travelers can expect significant delays during the summer holidays as ProRail is using this time to do extra maintenance on the rails. Some 7 thousand ProRail employees and contractors will carry out maintenance in 40 places in the coming period. "Travelers will have a lot of inconvenience, but unfortunately that can't be helped", ProRail CEO Pier Eringa said, according to RTL Nieuws.

Aug 12 '16 07:50

Schiphol Airport expects that today will be its busiest day of the year. An estimated 222,261 passengers will travel through the airport today - a record number, a spokesperson said

Aug 17 '15 10:57

Pupils in Amsterdam and the rest of the northern Netherlands said goodbye to the summer holidays and headed back to school today. Schools in the center of the country start next week, and pupils the southern parts of the country will be heading back to the classroom on August 31st

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Aug 14 '15 14:02

Holiday bookings to Turkey has taken a dip after the attacks in recent weeks.

Jul 17 '15 14:52

A rear-end collision between a truck and a tanker on the A16 near the Belgian border, has turned the expected holiday traffic into a traffic jam.

Jun 30 '15 15:05

Schiphol expects its busiest day ever this summer. On August 2nd, the airport expects around 196 thousand departing, transferring and arriving passengers, 300 more than the busiest day at the airport last year.

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Jun 30 '15 14:15

A massive 3.2 million foreign tourists are expected to visit the Netherlands this summer - 100 thousand more than last year.

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Jun 23 '15 14:15

An increasing number of Dutch people decide not to go away during the summer holidays because they can't afford it. This year a quarter of Dutch people have opted to rather stay home, in 2012 the figure was 18 percent.

May 25 '15 14:40

The rescue brigade and police are launching their beach campaign to prevent children from getting lost during the holidays in Scheveningen today - the International Day for the Missing Child.

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Jul 26 '13 05:56

Friday will be the busiest day of the year at Schiphol. Around 178,000 travelers are expected to be at the airport. Many Dutch people go on holiday this weekend, but a lot of people also return from their holiday destination.

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday Schiphol expects a total of  half a million passengers departing, arriving or transiting. The number of passengers on the busiest day is slightly higher than last year, when the counter stood at 177,000. In the months of July, August and September, the airport handled over 15 million people in 2012.

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