Accident causes holiday traffic jam

Accident on A16 near Belgian border (Picture: Twitter/@desbarts). (Accident on A16 near Belgian border (Picture: Twitter/@desbarts))

A rear-end collision between a truck and a tanker on the A16 near the Belgian border, has turned the expected holiday traffic into a traffic jam.

The accident happened just after noon at the height of industrial terrain Hazeldonk, NOS reports.

Emergency services responded en masse, but quickly determined that there was no danger. The trucks were transporting milk and animal feed products, so no dangerous substances that could cause an explosion.

The highway is closed in the direction towards the Netherlands. In the opposite direction there is a traffic jam caused by passing people slowing down to have a look.

The A16 is already busier than usual due to the start of the summer holidays. Earlier today the ANWB warned holiday goers to take traffic and hot weather into account during their journey to their holiday destinations.