Social and Cultural Planning Office

Sep 28 '17 08:45

People in the Netherlands want the new Dutch government to give top priority to healthcare, according to social and cultural planning office SCP's quarterly survey of what Dutch think about the country. "45 percent of respondents put healthcare on number one", SCP spokesperson Josje den Ridder said to NOS. 

European Union
Sep 29 '16 14:55

The Dutch population is more positive about being part of the European Union, according to to the quarterly survey of the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP). In the second quarter of this year, 46 percent of Dutch thought EU membership is a good thing, compared to 39 percent in the first quarter

Jun 30 '16 15:30

The arrival of asylum seekers and immigration in general are still the greatest issues in the Netherlands by far, according to the Social and Cultural Planning Office's quarterly report. Opinions on the matter are very divided - a large group point to the negatives of asylum seekers in the country, and another large group is alarmed by the other's attitude

May 13 '16 12:50

While more and more Dutch don't have a problem with homosexuality, a third of the population are still uncomfortable when they see two men kissing on the street.

Mar 29 '16 09:35

The refugee crisis is the number one concern for people in the Netherlands, according to the quarterly study by the Social and Cultural Planning Office. From end 2014, the Dutch found immigration and integration increasingly concerning. In October last year, asylum seekers and refugees shot up to the number one concern.

Rene van Berlo working at Oisterwijk refugee center
Jan 18 '16 11:44

The willingness to take in at least some asylum seekers increased in most EU countries, including the Netherlands, since 2002, according to a study done by the Social and Cultural Planning Office among 15 countries.

asylum seekers
Dec 30 '15 07:57

Over the past few months Dutch people were most concerned about the arrival of refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands, according to the fourth quarter of this year's report on citizens' perspective by the Social and Cultural Planning Office.

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Dec 16 '15 14:45

Only a third of the refugees who arrived in the Netherlands between 1995 and 1999 have jobs of more than 30 hours a week, according to joint research by the Social and Cultural Planning Office, the Research and Documentation Center and the Scientific Council for Government Policy

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Dec 15 '15 07:42

More than 4 million people provided informal care to someone they know in 2014, that is about a third of all adult Dutch, according to a report by the Social and Cultural Planning Office based on surveys among more than 7 thousand carers.

Jun 25 '15 10:11

There is an increasing gap between highly educated people and people with a lower education in the Netherlands. This gap will continue to grow larger if something doesn't change in the development in the labor market. This will result in a higher unemployment rate and poverty among low-educated people.

May 12 '15 10:47

Somalis in the Netherlands often struggle financially. Only about one in five Somali Dutch have work and about half of them are living on benefits. The Somalis is by far the population in the Netherlands with the most problems in the labor market.

Feb 11 '15 18:24

So-called flex workers operating under flexible working contracts are less satisfied with their jobs and lives than the people holding a permanent working contract, concludes the report of the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP). Flex workers are also less satisfied with the pay, training and career opportunities in the organization compared to the permanent staff.

Jan 23 '15 11:30

Dutch people exercise more often than they did a decade ago. Walking, running and fitness are especially becoming increasingly popular, according to research by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP).

Jan 16 '15 14:01

Youth's attitude towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people has become less dismissive in the recent years. Even though the negative conduct has decreased, there is still no complete acceptance of sexual minorities.

Morgan Freeman - God
Jan 16 '15 12:58

For the first time the Netherlands has more atheists than believers, according to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos. Slightly more than 25 percent of the people are atheists while 17 percent believes in the existence of God.

Dec 30 '14 10:04

Dutch people are optimistic and positive about the new year. They enter 2015 much less concerned about the economic crisis compared to last year. This is according to a study published by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP).

Dec 5 '14 11:31

The PvdA wants a debate in the Second Chamber and a hearing of experts on the lack of gay emancipation among conservative believers in the Netherlands.

Oct 29 '14 11:29

Moroccan and Turkish Dutch are less often marrying a partner from their country of origin. They mainly marry in their own circle, but not over the border. This is mainly caused by weaker family ties in their country of origin.

no image
Dec 12 '13 04:36

The Social State of the Netherlands in 2013, by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP), outlines the disastrous consequences of the crisis.

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Jul 9 '13 07:57

Slightly less than half of Poles in the Netherlands and just over a quarter of Bulgarians think they will stay in the Netherlands. That is one of the conclusions of a report published on  Tuesday by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP).

Most Poles (61 percent) who have registered in the Netherlands in the past eighteen months, liked better to be in their home country. Of the Bulgarians who migrated to the Netherlands, however 66% thinks that their lives have been improved. It is one of the many differences between the two groups, according to the report.

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