More Dutch working out more often

Dutch people exercise more often than they did a decade ago. Walking, running and fitness are especially becoming increasingly popular, according to research by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP). 

According to the SCP, 56 percent of people exercise every week. In 2003 that figure was 52 percent. People are increasingly exercising alone or in self-organized groups. The number of memberships in sports clubs remained the same in the last decade.

The number of exercisers is growing more slowly than in previous years. According to researcher Annet Tiessen, that is partly because of the economic crisis. "We now see that more people are members of one sports club and not of several associations at the same time."

The increase in the number of exercisers is due to the growing awareness that exercise is good for your health. According to the SCP, information campaigns on the importance of adequate exercise have had success. Exercising have become a matter of course for many people, especially for highly educated people. Many people exercise once a week to compensate for the lack of movement in the rest of the week.

Two thirds of Dutch people have sufficient movement in their lifestyles, and compared to other Europeans, Dutch people move a lot. At the same time, Dutch people are also Europe's champion "sitters".