Dutch want new govt. to give healthcare priority

People in the Netherlands want the new Dutch government to give top priority to healthcare, according to social and cultural planning office SCP's quarterly survey of what Dutch think about the country. "45 percent of respondents put healthcare on number one", SCP spokesperson Josje den Ridder said to NOS. 

High care costs and elderly care in particular are priorities for the Dutch. With care costs, not increasing the own-risk deductibles is important for respondents. Another priority is making sure elderly care is well arranged and that the elderly are not lonely. "You need to care well for the elderly", Den Ridder said tot he broadcaster.

The new government must also pay attention to immigration, education and the economy, focusing particularly on reducing the difference between rich and poor in the country, according to the respondents. "You see a shift over the past year, people are less worried by the country's economy and more about income disparities", according to the spokesman. 

When talking about security in the Netherlands, 52 percent of respondents said they don't feel unsafe, and 42 percent said that they do. That is about the same level as 7 years ago. Terrorism threats play a role for those who feel unsafe. People who worry about this sometimes avoid large crowds of people and take terrorism into account when they choose a holiday destination. 

The SCP researchers also found that Dutch are concerned about the future. 62 percent of respondents think that future generations will be worse off in the Netherlands. According to Den Ridder, the Dutch think they have it good now, but that things used to be better and are getting worse. 


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