power outage

Mar 27 '15 10:44

There are major delays at Schiphol airport due to the massive power outage currently affecting large parts of Noord-Holland and Flevoland, Schiphol spokesperson Jeroen Bos said on Dutch broadcaster NOS.

Mar 27 '15 10:15

Large parts of Noord-Holland and Flevoland is sitting without power. The rail traffic in northern parts of the Netherlands has come to a standstill due to this power outage. Many hospitals are also without power.

Mar 12 '15 09:01

The talk show RTL Late Night presented by Humberto Tan started more than 15 minutes late last night because of the power outage in Amsterdam.

Jan 22 '15 13:41

Rail traffic around Utrecht Central came to a standstill for a short time on Thursday, the NS reports. The cause was a power outage, which has since been restored.

Dec 26 '13 14:24

At least 1,600 households in parts of Apeldoorn and Hoog Soeren were without power this morning. They were also without water, due to a water line breakage, reported Omroep Gelderland. It's not clear yet whether the latter problem has been solved.


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