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Nov 9 '16 15:35

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan decided to stop the policy of closing coffeeshops immediately after a shooting at the business. But only if the coffeeshop owner agrees to take measures to prevent such incidents and to cooperate fully with the police should it be necessary, the municipality of Amsterdam announced in a press statement.

new police uniform 1
Jun 27 '16 09:58

The police launched an investigation into the death of a 14-year-old boy from Lage Zwaluwe. They boy was found dead in his bed on Sunday morning

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May 18 '16 16:40

The police are performing a large investigation on Cornelis Outshoornstraat in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Part of the street is closed down and there are police dogs, police containers and black screens on the site

May 10 '16 09:38

Two suspects were arrested in connection with the discovery of two dead bodies in Cafe Istanbul in Nijmegen on Monday, the police announced. The two suspects, men aged 36 and 42, are suspected of murder or manslaughter.

Breda explosives investigation - car bomb
Apr 26 '16 14:20

Chris van Esch, the 63 year old man who lost his arm and part of his leg in an explosion in Breda last year November, has no faith in the police investigation into the attack. He is very concerned that the perpetrator that very nearly killed him will never be caught, and that he will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder

Missing Cole tourist
Feb 2 '16 10:20

The police identified a body found in Amsterdam canal Herengracht on Monday night as that of missing British tourist Richard Cole, the police announced on Tuesday.

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Dec 14 '15 08:19

Two dead bodies were found in a home on Kinselmeerstraat in Lelystad on Sunday night. The police are investigating the victims' identities and cause of death.

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Dec 11 '15 09:46

A shooting incident left one man injured and another dead in a home on Burgemeester Meineszlaan in Rotterdam on Thursday night.

Sep 14 '15 11:50

The treasurer of the Heilige Christoffel en Heilige Geest parish in Roermond is suspected of embezzling 750 thousand euros of the parish's money.

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Aug 11 '15 13:20

The police are investigating the death of a 47 year old man in The Hague on Monday night. The man was found on the street with a severe head wound. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Jul 27 '15 15:19

A body was found in the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam on Monday afternoon. Tourists saw the body floating in the canal around 12:15 p.m. and reported to the police at the Anne Frank House

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Jul 14 '15 15:21

The police are investigating a possible murder-suicide involving a married couple from Capelle aan den IJssel.

Jul 14 '15 08:19

A police officer made a cuffed young man run along side the police motorcycle by dragging him by his handcuffs. The incident, which happened in Almere on Monday, was filmed and a video postedd on Facebook. The video has been viewed 186,017 times, 12 hours after it was posted.

Jul 3 '15 12:40

After more than a year of intensive investigation, the police have managed to identify the man whose bullet-ridden body was found in Scheurhaven in April last year. The victim has been identified as 30 year old Polish man Thomas Zawierucha.

Jun 17 '15 08:30

The police are investigating a possible link between the biker gang Hell's Angels and the Haarlem mayor's car fire, the Telegraaf reports. According to the newspaper, the mayor's car may have been set on fire as an act of revenge.

Police sign
Jun 16 '15 07:49

The police are investigating several bullet holes found in a building of a children's gymnasium on Zwanebloemlaan in Arnhem.

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Jun 13 '15 09:30

The Netherlands Forensic Institute is working on a Linux-based forensic operating system that will enable the police to secure and remotely analyze evidence related to botnets,

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Jun 12 '15 11:43

The intensive approach to drug crimes int south of the Netherlands is delivering so many results that the Netherlands Forensic Institute can't keep up with investigating all the trace evidence collected.

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Jun 5 '15 10:44

An explosive was placed at a Jumbo supermarket on Overwinngingsplein in Groningen on Sunday night. The explosive went off, damaging a window.

Police sign
May 26 '15 14:43

The police are investigating a shooting incident at a municipal building in Coevorden. An employee at the municipality noticed two holes in a window near the entrance of the building and notified the police.

May 25 '15 11:15

A sex shop on Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam was robbed on Sunday night. The armed robbery happened around 7:30 p.m. and the perpetrator fled with an unknown amount of money.

May 8 '15 11:44

Three people were injured in a fight at a bar in Sittart on Thursday. The police are investigating rumors that this incident is related to a conflict between outlaw motor cycle gangs.

May 8 '15 10:00

The widows of the firemen who died in the Enschede fireworks disaster in May 2000, are suing the Dutch State.

Police sign
Apr 13 '15 08:24

A man was shot and killed in Eindhoven on Monday morning. The victim was found in a car at a hotel on Aalsterweg.


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