Mark Rutte
Mar 20 '17 10:44

VVD leader and current Prime Minister Mark Rutte would like to form a cabinet consisting of his VVD, the CDA and D66, he said on Monday after . "Given the election results", these parties need to take governmental responsibility, he said, but added that "it also depends on what the parties themselves want", reports.

May 1 '15 15:40

An intern working at the municipality of Utrecht is suspected of falsifying 13 passports between October 2014 and January this year. The suspect, an 18 year old man, has been suspended and banned from the city office.

Mar 5 '15 09:51

The D66 is pushing for gender registration to be removed from documents if does not serve a specific purpose. The party will argue this issue during a debate on emancipation today

Feb 27 '15 13:55

The VVD wants to consult with other countries to change existing international treaties so that terrorists' can lose their Dutch citizenships, even if this would mean that the terrorist will then not be a citizen of any country ("stateless"), NRC reports.

Jan 21 '15 17:52

The family of terror suspect Zaid Koullis is having a difficult time dealing with their son’s newfound notoriety, the head of an area mosque said Wednesday. The 18-year-old’s father regularly attends the Omar al Farouq mosque in Utrecht.

Jan 21 '15 08:30

Terrorist suspect Abdelmounaim Hadad (21) was arrested yesterday. Hadad surrendered to the police in the Belgian town of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, the federal prosecutor in Belgium reported. Authorities were searching for Hadad, along with Dutch terrorist suspect Zaid Koullis (18), in France and Spain. Both men are wanted in connection with the terrorist cell that was raided in Veviers on Thursday. The two supposedly fled together.

Sep 30 '14 16:42

Police on Tuesday arrested a 21-year-old man from his home in The Hague on suspicion of taking part in terrorist training camps. The arrest comes as part of a large-scale investigation into jihadi activity in the Netherlands, during which 49 people identified as suspected jihadists have had their passports withdrawn and several arrest warrants issued.

Jul 1 '14 09:59

The law that allows transgenders to amend their gender on their passports more easily has gone through today. The law has removed several bureaucratic and stringent steps, making the process more efficient.

Jun 16 '14 10:14

The families of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers may go back to Panama soon to re-join the hunt for their missing girls, who disappeared in the Central American country several months ago.

Nov 27 '13 19:03

Minister Plasterk sees nothing in the plan of the VVD to introduce a modified passport for residents of Curaçao, Aruba, and St. Maarten, as suggested by MP Bosman today.

Sep 6 '13 02:34

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Plasterk, needs to come up with a solution soon for people who refuse to supply a fingerprint for a passport or ID, states the National Ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer in a letter to Plasterk.