Dutch model held in China

A Dutch model was arrested in the Chinese city of Tianijn because the authorities believe her papers are not in order. Six other models from other countries are also in custody, a spokesperson for a modeling agency that helped arranged their visas said to NOS.

Over 20 models were taken in to a police station after a fashion show. Seven of them, including the Dutch model are still in custody. "They checked everything, from alcohol use to their visa", the spokesperson said. "All models that work there have a work visa. When you enter China, your passport is taken to activate the visa, that happens through the police. Because this takes a while you get a form that serves as a passport. But the police in Tianijn think that something is wrong and want to see her passport."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague confirmed to NOS that a Dutch woman was arrested in China and that the Dutch embassy is working on it. The Ministry is in touch with her family. 

The Dutch model herself has not yet been in contact with anyone, because her phone was confiscated. "But different bookers from other agencies are there to mediate", a spokesperson said to NOS.