Dutch court grants Roermond resident gender neutral passport

A Roermond resident who doesn't identify as either male or female should get an improved birth certificate and passport, the court in Limburg ruled on Monday. The Roermond resident's gender on these documents should be adjusted to "gender can not be determined", according to the court, RTL Nieuws reports.

At birth in 1961 the gender of the child could not be determined. The baby was registered as male "because that was easier for the child". When the child reached puberty, he did not feel like a man and started treatment to become a woman. But female didn't fit either. The person identifies as gender neutral, the court writes. 

Given the social and legal developments, the time is right to recognize a third gender, according to the court. To make registration of a third gender possible, a legislative amendment is needed. The ball is now in the legislator's court, the court said.