Jul 17 '17 08:09

Another two people drowned in the Netherlands on Sunday night. A 3-year-old girl died in a hospital shortly after she was found in a watery ditch in Leerdam. And a man drowned in the Oosterschelde after disappearing underwater while swimming.

Oct 25 '16 14:40

A special technical installation on the jetty of Zierikzee makes it possible for people to hear the porpoises in the Oosterschelde. The porpoise sounds are captured using a hydrophone, which is attached to a buoy in front of the coast, ANP reports.

"With the push of a button the visitor hears the sounds the aimals emit." initiator Frank Zanderink of Stichting Rugvin said. The porpoise is the smallest species of cetaceans found in the Netherlands.

Jul 9 '15 13:25

The Dutch Mussel Bureau officially opened the new mussel season on Wednesday. Symbolically the first basket of mussels was fished out in the Oosterschelde with a mussel trawler. The new crop will be available in supermarkets and restaurants starting this week.

Jul 1 '15 16:10

Zeeland mussels will be available everywhere from next week. This was announced after the successful testing of some samples in Oosterschelde and the Wadden Sea, NU reports.

Feb 16 '15 17:34

A large whale was spotted swimming at the height of Zeeland bridge in Oosterschelde estuary on Saturday. Experts say it is probably a humpback whale.

Sep 1 '14 11:51

The waters off the Dutch coast are home to a new species that has never before been sighted alive in in these waters. The Sea Spider, scientific name Endeis spinosa, was discovered on the seabed of Oosterschelde by divers in August, officially placing it on the indigenous marine fauna list, natuurbericht.nl reports.

Feb 10 '14 05:00

Another Pink-backed Pelican has been spotted in The Netherlands, this time in a residential area in Breda.

Sep 5 '13 05:23

Elevated sand shoals in the Oosterschelde are disappearing underwater. That is particularly a threat to migratory birds, which are resting and eating at these spots, says Natuurmonumenten. Seals also make use of them to suckle their young.

Cause of the problem is the storm surge barrier in the Oosterschelde (Oosterscheldekering). The coastal defense work is intended to preserve the ecosystem in the estuary, but the incoming water appears strong enough to remove sand from the shoals and mudflats but has insufficient power to deposit sand again.

Jul 24 '13 07:45

The new mussel season opens Wednesday in Yerseke. The new harvest of Zeeuwse Mossels (mussels from Zeeland) comes two weeks later than expected because the mussel grew this year slower than usual.

Early July the mussel farmers and traders did a test to see how the mussels developed. That showed that the mussels were substandard. The mussels were then required to grow to the desired quality.