man arrested

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Sep 24 '14 07:13

In The Hague, firemen responded to a large-scale fire in a home on the Beeklaan on Tuesday night, the fire was under control at around 2 a.m., and one man has been arrested, Omroep West reports.

Police sign
Sep 16 '14 10:41

In Uden, a 29-year-old man was arrested for being a public nuisance. When he was brought to the police station, however, he became unwell and later died, the police reports.

Royal military Police Vehicle
May 29 '14 10:25

Police shot a 43-year old suspect on Wednesday morning after a police chase on the Tatraweg in Tilburg. The man was wounded, and subsequently arrested.

Fire Truck
Apr 25 '14 14:21

Police arrested a 28-year old man at a home in 's-Hertogenbosch Thursday morning after a fire broke out in his own apartment of a building on the Sweelinckplein.

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Feb 13 '14 07:43

Police say they are hearing witnesses about a shooting incident inside a bus in Almere that has left one woman injured on Wednesday.

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