Police chase gets man shot, arrested

Police shot a 43-year old suspect on Wednesday morning after a police chase on the Tatraweg in Tilburg. The man was wounded, and subsequently arrested. 

Earlier in the day, the suspect's 19-year old son was also arrested. Police were involved in the chase because they suspected the man to be in possession of cannabis.

Police were anonymously tipped off on Wednesday morning that there were cannabis plants growing in a garage on the Kuiperstraat. A police officer went to investigate the area mounted on a bicycle, when he noticed a VW Polo exiting the garage. On the back seat, the officer saw bags which could possibly contain cannabis.

The officer called for back-up. In the middle of the chase, a 19-year old man stepped out of the vehicle on the crossing of the Hart van Brabantlaan and the St Cecillastraat, and proceeded to hold traffic going in the direction of the town center while the traffic lights were green. This man was arrested on the Boomstraat.

Police continued to chase the 43-year old suspect in the Polo. The suspect was driving dangerously, and ignored red lights. The suspect's car was blocked on the Tatraweg. Police then shot and injured the man, who was then brought to hospital.

The shooting occurred close to the Koning Willem II College, but the director of the college told Omroep Brabant that the school is not involved in the incident. The main school entrance was blocked, and students asked to avoid the area.