Human Rights Watch

Greenpeace Ship
Sep 3 '15 10:45

A number of the large charities in the Netherlands use a large amount of money raised by donations to rent office space in expensive prime locations

Feb 10 '15 10:18

The Dutch Postcode Lottery has given a 1,010,500 euro grant to Human Rights Watch, which they plan to use to help end the practice of armed forces using schools for military purposes in wartime, the organization reported on their website yesterday.

Jamal Nouhi
Jul 11 '14 09:15

A city councillor in Breda has been kicked out of his own party’s faction there after making statements comparing the rights of homosexuals to the rights of pedophiles. Labour party (PvdA) member Jamal Nouhi made the comments when suggesting that the foundation Human Rights Watch should stop lobbying for gay rights in Morocco, calling it a religious issue.

Jul 10 '14 15:39

PvdA council member for Breda, Jamal Nouhi, has been reprimanded by his party for his comments about homosexuals, who say that the expressions are unfitting and unacceptable.

No image available
Jul 7 '14 11:52

Three Congolese witnesses of the International Criminal Court (ICC) were deported out of the Netherlands on Sunday, despite concerns Amnesty International (AI) had raised about their safety.

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